Ply Gem Windows Review

Ply Gem Windows Review

Exceptional. Durable. Stylish. If this is how you'd like the windows in your home to be described, then Ply Gem windows can meet that standard. Choosing windows for your house can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be when you have a leading manufacturer on your side. Brilliant design, colors to suit every taste, and high-performance windows from Ply Gem will make your house a home. 

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Who is Ply Gem?

For more than seventy-five years, Ply Gem Residential Solutions have pioneered the exterior building industry. The company is a division of Cornerstone Building Brands. Quality building products for your house exterior can all be found with Ply Gem, including windows, patio doors, siding, designer accents, veneer, fencing, and railing.

For the past four years, Ply Gem has also taken on an initiative to help their community. Since 2016, their Home for Good project has donated its products to the need for affordable housing across the U.S. Their passion for well-built homes is now assisting local communities in need. Your purchase of Ply Gem windows allows them to continue this social project.

Does Ply Gem Sell Replacement Windows?

Ply Gem has a series of replacement↗ windows for your renovation or upgrading needs. The vinyl replacement windows will transform an old and tired facade. Not only will your home look fresh and inviting, but new windows insulate with multi-glazed glass that increases the energy efficiency of your home.

Does Ply Gem Sell New Construction Windows?

During the construction of your home, when everything is exposed, new construction windows are installed. They are different from replacement windows in that they have the nail fin to fix them accurately and effectively. Ply Gem's extensive series↗ of new construction windows are available in various materials. 

What are Ply Gem Windows Made of?

Ply Gem makes windows in four different materials - vinyl↗, aluminum-clad wood↗, aluminum↗, and wood composite↗. Each material has its own set of pros and cons. Ply Gem windows are resistant to damage from the weather and are all excellently made to be energy efficient. 

A window specialist will be able to advise you on the best material option for your climate and your budget. Factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best material include energy-efficiency for your area, maintenance, durability, aesthetic, and price. 

What Styles are Ply Gem Windows Available in?

Different window styles have unique functionality and purpose. Shopping Ply Gem's selection is satisfying as they offer options that will adorn every opening in your home. For window styles, Ply Gem sells the following:

  • Double Hung Windows feature two operational sash windows that can open from the top or bottom. The windows are easy to clean with their ability to tilt. This style option is classic and suits many home styles. 
  • Single Hung Windows look similar to the Double Hung, but they open only from the bottom while the top sash remains in place. The fixes sash is excellent in improving energy efficiency and weather resistance. Single Hung are timeless and classic for any home.
  • Casement Windows open outward and provide optimum airflow. With the easy operation of a simple handle, the windows lock with a tight seal for optimum insulation. Opening and closing are effortless, even if the window is in a hard-to-reach space.
  • Slider Windows are perfect for tight spaces and offer the ability to slide a window to the left or right to open it.
  • Awning Windows hinge at the top of the frame and open outwards to allow ventilation.
  • Bay or Bow Windows combine three or more window designs at various angles to enlarge a space with ambient lighting and increased space. They create a space that protrudes outward from home design. 
  • Garden Windows provide a mini greenhouse for your kitchen herbs. These windows extend outwards with mini windows on the side that can open.
  • Picture Windows do not open but serve to increase natural lighting and viewing capabilities.
  • Geometric Windows add a shapely dimension to your home architecture. Arched, radius, and linear-shaped windows can combine with other windows for the visual character.

What Colors are Ply Gem Windows Available in?

Depending on your choice↗ of material and series design, you will have a range of colors from which to choose. Bright colors, toned hues, and warm shades allow for individual taste and style. Ply Gem also offers advice and tips on the trending↗ colors. 

An exterior color portfolio of 46 colors includes White, Beige, Shark Skin, Earthstone, Royal Brown, Evergreen, Black, Cottage Red, and more. With this extensive selection, you'll have to ask your neighbors, babysitter, and friends for their vote. 

Interior color opinions include White, Beige, Natural Wood, Off White, Black, and more.
Interior woodgrain color options include Golden Oak, Natural Oak, Colonial Cherry, and more.

The MIRA Window Series↗ offers the most extensive color choices in the Ply Gem window series. 

Can Ply Gem Windows be Customized?

Yes, Ply Gem windows can be customized to fit any window opening in your home. Customized windows can suit your unique home needs to achieve optimal performance and insulation. 

Does Ply Gem offer Product Warranties?

Backed by solid warranties, you can be confident in Ply Gem windows. By registering↗ your order with your window's unique order tracking label, you can submit an online form for any requests. Their website lays out all the information about your coverage↗

Contact your local window expert to give you more information about the options in your area.


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