Pools + Outdoor Living Spaces = Love

Pools + Outdoor Living Spaces = Love

Pools and outdoor living spaces. If you’ve ever spent a summer in Dallas-Fort Worth, you know that your yard really can’t have one without the other.

As much as everyone loves a long swim in July, a covered patio space or pergola is the perfect spot to retreat to once your skin starts looking like a prune. On the other hand, an outdoor living area just looks empty without a nice cool pool to jump into once temperatures break the century mark. That’s why we were inspired to post this blog of some of the best ways pools and outdoor living can blend seamlessly together to create an outdoor paradise.

We want to thank our friends at Artesian Custom Pools for these gorgeous project pictures. Artesian is a custom builder of swimming pools, spas, and outdoor living spaces. The company has a great reputation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for quality, meticulous attention to detail, and frequent communication with their customers. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation for a free quote, contact them today.

Placing a pergola next to the house is a great way to bridge the area between the house and the pool, like in this project. This kind of setup is great when you want to sit out under the shade while you watch the kids swim, but also want to peer through the windows every now and then to check the score of the Rangers game.

On the other hand, placing your pergola on the opposite side of the yard can make it seem like more of a retreat from your home. We love the way the spa is placed right next to the patio cover; this way, conversation can flow between both the guests sitting in the spa and those sitting at the table.

This is another beautiful example of how pools and outdoor living areas can come together in perfect harmony. Relaxing in the spa + watching the big game on the outdoor TV= Perfection!

We’ll end with a stunner. We love the way this stone fireplace is the centerpiece, built right into the patio cover. Just imagine the visual effect at night as the waterfall rushes in front of the flames!


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