Prairie Style Windows: A Stylish and Traditional Window Choice

Prairie Style Windows: A Stylish and Traditional Window Choice

You want a home that’s both simplistic and grandiose. You want to bring a little bit of the past into the future. You want straight lines and open space. You want some to let in some light, but not too much.

It might sound like the home of your dreams is the answer to some elaborate riddle. But it really only needs one major addition: Prairie style windows.

Prairie style windows on a Chicago house.

Prairie style windows are inspired by the architectural designs of Frank Lloyd Wright

(Image courtesy: ChicagoGeek/Flickr)

What Are Prairie Style Windows?

Inspired by Victorian and frontier home styles, Prairie style windows have an elegant, yet geometric look. These windows follow the design patterns and colors pioneered by famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright — multiple sets of vertical windows, gridlines that mirror the frames, earthen hues and clerestory clusters under the roof.

These windows are known to be bold, but not overbearingly so. They present a look that is very clean and geometrically sound. Ultimately, they will make your home look stylish, but not snobby.

Although traditional, Prairie style windows can be combined with a more modern home look.

Advantages of Prairie Style Windows

  • Light. Prairie style windows are often arranged in clusters of three or more windows. This allows plenty of natural light to flow into all sides of your home, without requiring excessively large picture windows to do the trick. Clerestory windows also allow your light to flow in from near the eaves of your roof, maximizing your ability to enjoy sunny days in the comfort of your own home.
  • Aesthetics. Prairie style windows are pleasing to the eye. The simple, rectangular shape draws just the right amount of attention to the windows. The dark, natural frame color palette that is currently used in Prairie-style window frames — which includes brown, crimson, dark gray or rust — is also pleasing to the eye.
  • Ventilation. An oft-overlooked feature of the home design is airflow. But that isn’t a concern in homes with Prairie style windows. Since there are clusters of windows that can generally crank open, it’s very easy to ventilate your home nearly instantly. This can make a big difference if you burn the biscuits or the dog leaves a present on the rug.
  • Energy efficiency. Casement windows — which are often used in prairie style homes — are widely known for their energy efficiency. They often feature double paned glass filled with argon gas, frames with improved spacers and bulb-seal technology. So even though prairie style homes tend to require plenty of windows, your energy bill won’t skyrocket after they’re installed.
  • Durability. Prairie style architecture was pioneered more than a century ago, but its look has stood the test of time. Its simplistic design remains both fashionable and popular, and there’s no reason to think that it will go out of style anytime soon.  Prairie style windows can also stand up to the elements quite effectively without showing effects of wear and tear. Should anything go wrong, it’s much easier to replace these windows than it is to fix a giant damaged picture window.
  • Availability. Although casement windows are most commonly used in prairie style homes, awning windows, single hung windows, double hung windows, and picture windows can also be placed in your window openings. A variety of frame materials — including wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and composite — also fit seamlessly into this design.

Prairie style windows can be mixed with other windows in a home, as well.

A Final Word

So if you want your home to evoke both architectural beauty and American heritage, prairie style windows are a great choice. Adding these windows could increase your home’s value, ventilation, and energy efficiency. And it could make your home stand out in a good way.
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