Problems with Aluminum Windows

Problems with Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows have become relatively common due to the material’s durability, lightweight nature, and ease of maintenance. Also, aluminum is quite malleable compared to conventional materials such as wood. However, aluminum windows have their fair share of problems. In this post, we point some of the most common problems and point you out to some of the best aluminum window brands in the market today. 

Common Problems with Aluminum Windows

Low energy efficiency

Aluminum has a significantly high U-value. U-value refers to the building material’s insulating ability, and the higher this value is, the lower the material’s ability to insulate. In an age where energy efficiency↗ concerns most homeowners, aluminum is among the least energy-efficient building materials. 


Due to aluminum’s high U-value, windows made from the material are more predisposed to condensation, especially during the winter. Condensation takes place when the heat from the inside escapes through the windows. Once the conditioned air comes into contact with the window’s surface (which is colder), the drop in temperature causes it to lose its ability to hold the same moisture level. It releases some of this moisture that can be seen as droplets on the windows and their frames. Condensation can cause a host of problems if left unattended. 


Despite its durability, aluminum is susceptible to corrosion from sea air and salty water.

Overall, Are Aluminum Windows Good or Bad?

The efficiency of aluminum windows depends on your brand preference, maintenance schedule, where you live, and the quality of the installation. If your home is in a region with extreme winter temperatures, there are modern aluminum windows with thermal treatments and weather-stripping that will still hold up well. 

What Are Some Good Aluminum Window Brands?

NT Window Twinsulator

NT Window has more than three decades of window manufacturing experience and first introduced their thermally broken aluminum windows in 1994. Their Twinsulator aluminum windows maximize glass surfaces by featuring very slim frames. The windows have a ThermaProtect insulation barrier that is meant to make them energy efficient. Twinsulator windows are available in casement, slider, picture, single hung, and double-hung designs. Other features that set the Twinsulator series apart are:

  • A heavy-duty frame and sash
  • Condensation resistance
  • Extreme weather protection through four layers of weather stripping
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Don Young

Established in 1978, Don Young Company was among the first manufacturers of aluminum windows in Texas. Today, the company has distributor outlets in Houston, Oklahoma City, Lubbock, and San Antonio. 

The Don Young aluminum windows are made using PolyPour technology, a high-density polyurethane that prevents the transfer of heat from and into your home. It also helps with your home’s insulation. 

Don Young’s windows have tilt-in latches that are child-resistant for additional safety. Their patented Finseal weather stripping prevents dust, air, and water from getting into your home. The windows have interlocking rails for better security and a tighter seal. 


As a premium window manufacturer, Milgard produces high-quality thermally improved aluminum windows. This, along with Suncoat Low-E insulating glass, means they are highly energy-efficient and perfect for insulation. Their aluminum windows also feature a lock-on technology that automatically locks the windows once you close them. For people in regions with salt-air climates, the company offers aluminum windows with stainless steel frames, thus minimizing the risk of corrosion.  

Milgard offers a full lifetime warranty on their aluminum windows to the original owner. The warranty passes on to the second owner for 10 years after the start date. 


JELD-WEN is a leading manufacturer of windows, doors, and other building products. Their aluminum windows are lightweight, aesthetically appealing, and have minimal sightlines. By choosing JELD_WEN’s windows, you will benefit from multiple color options that can be customized to whichever shape or size. You can choose from the following glass options:

  • IMPACTGARD™ glass designed to withstand storms and hurricanes.
  • Low-E insulating glass to keep your home cool during the summer and warm in the winter
  • Tempered glass, which is heat-treated glass that withstands extremely high force or pressure
  • Clear insulating glass featuring two glass panes separated by a spacer
  • Tinted and textured glass, which prevents transmittance of visible light, thus reducing glare.


Loewen Windows and Doors has its headquarters in Manitoba, Canada. They have a reputation for producing aluminum windows made of thick glass, thus resulting in better soundproofing, insulation, and impact resistance. Their innovative designs are bound to meet any homeowner’s budget, style, and any home’s architectural design. 

Key Takeaway

Aluminum windows are reasonably priced lightweight, low-and maintenance. They can be manipulated to different configurations such as awning, sliding, fixed, casement, single, and double-hung windows. Modern aluminum windows are not what they were a decade ago. Tech progression has seen the manufacturing of thermally insulated panes that keep your space warm and minimize condensation. If you need aluminum windows for your next project or as replacements, check out our options at Brennan Corp. We feature quality windows from leading manufactures designed to meet your specific needs. 


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