Problems With Contemporary Windows

Problems With Contemporary Windows

Contemporary windows are a beautiful addition to any space, and are one of the most popular trends out there right now. However, contemporary windows are not necessarily perfect. Just like with any investment, there are pros and cons. In this post you can learn more about the problems with contemporary windows, how to tell if your windows are problematic, and our recommendations for replacing or repairing your contemporary windows. 

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Contemporary Window Style

Contemporary windows come in a variety of different styles and have a lot of different features. Some common contemporary window styles include picture or fixed windows or casement windows. Some common features of contemporary windows include a black exterior and interior and clear, expansive glass.  

This contemporary home features a mix of black casements, picture windows and single hung windows around the exterior of the house. These windows can be a great addition to any home when designed with the right customizations to fit the space. 

Issues with Contemporary Windows

No matter how beautiful these contemporary windows may be, they also come with a few disadvantages. All windows will eventually face problems, whether it’s from installation, the weather, or wear and tear. However, contemporary windows face their own unique challenges, more to do with their specific design and make-up.

Consider a casement window. These windows are great for letting in natural light and cooling breezes, but sometimes, casements are built to open inwards, which can cause problems in the space of your room or with window coverings.

Problem 1: Casement windows that open inward can cause problems with window coverings.

Casements also feature cranking hardware, which are known to wear out and damage easily. If the casement window happens to be designed to open outwards, you might find issues with the landscape or the elemental forces on your open window, such as the wind.

Problem 2: Casement windows that open outward can be damaged by wind or impact from people or objects.

Next we’ll consider picture windows. These large fixtures are great when you want to add a lot of extra light to the home, but the disadvantage of these windows is that they cannot be opened to allow in any fresh air. In those places that are more hot and sunny during the summer, you may be stuck with more heat inside than you were hoping for. 

It’s always a good idea to mix the window styles in your home, such as the designer did in this home (above) where they mixed picture windows with single hung windows. That way, you still have the option to open some of your windows, if not all. 

Problem 3: Fixed windows offer no ventilation, which can land you with more heat than you expected.


Another common problem homeowners and interior designers face is finding the right window coverings for contemporary windows. Curtains or blinds around contemporary gallery-like windows can disrupt the trendy aesthetic. Often the solution is to change the design to include curtains or to leave the design as is but include sleek roller or cellular shades.

Problem 4: Finding complementary window coverings can be a challenge. 

How to Know if Your Window is Problematic

Above were some common problems with some specific contemporary windows, but what about some common problems that all windows face? There are four common window problems that you should know about. 

First, what if your windows are faulty? A faulty window could mean one that won’t open, won’t stay open, or won’t stay closed. For contemporary windows, this might mean replacing the operating hardware. This usually means calling a window retailer or visiting your local hardware store for help.


Second, you might be suffering from drafty windows. If you are feeling a draft coming from your window, it means you have a leak. This could be caused by any number of seasonal or elemental forces, but it’s important to contact a window retailer as soon as you notice an issue before the problem gets worse and causes more damage.


Third, you may have a window with broken glass. It is usually a very simple process to replace the glass of your window, as long as the glass is the only part damaged and not the window frame. All you need to do is call up your nearest glass repair company for help.


Finally, you may have an issue with the security of your windows. A broken latch or lock can lead to you feeling unsafe in your home, but luckily, fixing this issue can be as easy as ordering the new latch or lock off of the internet and replacing it yourself.  

Should You Replace or Repair Your Windows?

At this point we have covered some contemporary window styles, issues that contemporary windows face, and how to know if you have a problematic window. So, if you are having issues with your windows, what is the answer? Is it better to replace or repair your windows?

If you have already installed contemporary windows in your home and are facing some of the common issues that come with these windows, chances are there’s an easy fix. All you may need is a simple repair to one or several of the windows, and some of the repairs may be simple enough for you to undertake on your own. Before taking on a window project yourself, check with your window retailer to make sure the issue is as simple as it seems, and that there are no deeper, more difficult problems to resolve.

If you are looking to replace your current standard windows with contemporary windows, keep in mind there are pros and cons to every window style. Contemporary windows might be a beautiful addition to your home, but do the disadvantages of these windows outweigh the benefits? Hopefully the information in this post can help you make the right choice for your space and for your budget.


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