Pros and Cons of Dog Doors

Pros and Cons of Dog Doors

Benefits and Drawbacks of Dog Doors

We all love our pets, they’re like family, that’s why we buy them healthy food, keep them well-groomed, and take them to the vet. And just like with friends and family they sometimes ask for attention when we’re busy, that’s what makes pet doors so convenient. 

Pet doors offer lots of benefits but they’re definitely not for everyone. Check out our pros and cons lists below to get a better idea of whether or not doggie doors make sense for your home. 

Dog poking his head out from a dog door, outside view

Pros of Dog Doors

  1. Dog doors/pet doors are very popular so manufacturers offer lots of options to address different needs: multiple sizes, colors, and materials; weatherproof doors; heavy duty doors; security doors; electronic doors
  2. Some dog doors are available factory-installed by door manufacturers
  3. Dog doors are available as inserts for glass doors, retrofit for existing doors, and they’re also available for wall installation
  4. They give your dog more freedom to be active inside and outside the home which is great for reducing boredom and stress
  5. Some doors can be locked so you can keep your pet from going outside when it is raining
  6. Doors are available at all price points

Cons of Dog Doors

  1. It can take some time for your dog to get familiar with and start using the door on their own
  2. The quality of the construction of doors varies, some use low-quality materials that result in low-durability
  3. Not all doors seal properly which is bad for energy efficiency
  4. Some doors need additional weatherproofing
  5. Sometimes automatic/electronic doors lack accuracy
  6. Depending on the size, children and unwanted animals or intruders can get through the door
  7. You should only install a dog door if you have a fenced yard and avoid them if you have a pool
  8. Pet doors give your dog more freedom but that also means that can track dirt and mud into the house without you noticing until later
  9. Pet doors can feed a dog’s alpha mentality because they can come and go as they please
  10. It’s hard to keep indoor cats inside
  11. If your door has a manufacturer's warranty, installing pet doors in it can void the warranty

Additional considerations

Dog doors can definitely make life convenient for both you and your pet but they’re not always the best solution. As pet owners, we already know we need to be patient with our little friends. Having control over when your pet goes in and out is good because it helps you keep track of their habits which is especially helpful if they get sick; it encourages bonding because your pet relies on you to go outside; and it should provide a safer environment for your pet because you’ll have to watch out for when she’s ready to come back inside. 

With dog doors, your pet has more freedom but if they are small they might be able to escape through gaps under your fence and puts them at risk of being hurt by strangers. If you're absolutely sure that your home is suited for a pet door choose doors with a lock so you can have better control over when your pet enters and exits your home. 

If you’re looking for a good retrofit dog door for your home, check out some of the recommendations at the American Kennel Club (↗)

If you’re ready for a new entry door or storm door and want a factory-installed pet door, explore your options with one of our favorite door manufacturers, ProVia

To learn about the types of pet doors offered by ProVia, check out this blog: ProVia Dog Doors Review 


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