Pros and Cons of Windows with Built-In Blinds

Pros and Cons of Windows with Built-In Blinds

Windows are necessary for a home to let in sunlight and fresh air. However, during the night or when you need some privacy, curtains and blinds are the convenient ways to cover it quickly. This doesn't mean that they aren't a pain at times when they snag and catch. Homeowners often ask about windows with built-in blinds so that’s what we’ll focus on in this post. If you’re looking for more information the pros and cons of windows with built-in blinds you’re in the right place.

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What are built-in blinds?

One of the easiest ways to streamline your blind system is with built-in blinds. They have blinds enclosed between the glass panels on a window. They aren't only an option for windows either but can be within doors as well. Instead of having hazardous strings or cranks, you operate the blinds↗ by simply pushing a button on a remote or sliding a magnetic slider.

Pros and cons of windows with built-in blinds

There are two sides to every coin, and the same goes for built-in blinds. They offer positives and negatives, and depending on your priorities, they might not be worth it.

Pros of Windows with Built-In Blinds
  • Increased safety
    • As we mentioned above, one of the biggest allures of windows with built-in blinds is their increased safety. Neither the blinds nor the cords hang down from the window, giving less opportunity for a child or pet to get tangled in it.
  • Convenience
    • With built-in blinds, gone are the days of lopsided window blinds from pulling too hard on one side than the other. Push a button or slide the magnet and the blinds adjust themselves.
  • Less maintenance
    • No matter what kind of blinds you buy, over time they get a sheen of dust over the top that doesn't look appealing. Slat after slat makes them difficult to clean as well. Since built-in blinds are sealed, cleaning them is no longer an issue.
  • Reduced risk of breakage
    • Another pro because they are sealed inside the glass is that they are less likely to break. Dogs can't get to them to chew, and kids can't run into them or pull them down.
Cons of Windows with Built-In Blinds
  • Less availability
    • Purchasing windows that come with built-in blinds are definitely more expensive than buying stand-alone blinds. Part of this is also because there are not many companies that produce windows like this yet, increasing their price.
  • Not highly customizable
    • There are dozens of different kinds and colors of blinds you can buy. The same is not yet true with built-in blinds. If you have a particular aesthetic you want, it can be difficult to match with these products.
  • Decreased energy efficiency
    • Manufacturers often forego an important step in the insulation of a window when it includes built-in blinds. This is why they must have a separate layer of insulated glass to guarantee increased energy efficiency.

Who sells windows with built-in blinds?

There are not many retailers that sell ready-to-install windows with built-in blinds. You can find some independent window retailers or look into options from big box home improvement stores. Independent retailers often have more knowledge of their products. If you are interested, look into some of these companies to gain more insight.

Window Companies

  • Andersen↗
    • Andersen offers a selection of windows and doors with blinds-between-the-glass. They offer an E-series that is meant to maintain energy efficiency together with the convenience of built-in blind options.
      See Andersen windows within Brennan's website
  • MI↗
    • MI offers windows with built-in blinds that use a no-slip sliding technology to move them up and down. Their colors mostly come in a bright white and they have a mini-blind option as well.
      See MI windows within Brennan's website
  • Pella↗
    • Pella has a wider selection of built-in blinds and shades to choose from as well as different colors and more energy-efficient options.
  • Provia↗
    • Provia has two product lines with windows featuring built-in blinds called the Aspect™and Endure™. They also use a no-slip gear belt and come with a 10-year warranty. Other than white, they have four neutral colors to choose from for the blinds.
  • Blink↗
    • Blink has a line of Blinds + Glass options for an innovative approach to the typical window and blind system. They come in a variety of different window types as well as sliding patio doors.
  • Home Depot↗
    • Home Depot is one of the box stores that might not have as much knowledge about the products, but they do offer these types of windows. They even have some from the independent retailers featured above.

Built-in windows are not the perfect option for everyone. If you value safety or increased convenience, they might be for you. 


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