Refurbished Door vs New Door

Refurbished Door vs New Door

Refurbishing and repurposing things has always been a good way to save money and feel like you've got something new. Refurbishing home furniture and appliances has also been trendy on the DIYer social media scene. Everything eventually wears out or breaks including front doors. So when the time comes for a new door will you purchase a new one or refurbish one from a salvage store? In this post, we're comparing the value of a refurbished door vs a new door. 

Should I refurbish an old door or purchase a new one?

A refurbished door has been used on a home before, and then it is restored to a newer condition. This often means sanding it down, revarnishing, or repainting the door to give it a new look. You might find doors to refurbish from places like antique stores or even if you still have original doors on a historic home. Even if a home isn't historical, the doors will wear down quicker if it hasn't been appropriately managed.

A new door can also be called a replacement door. It will be a brand-new door from the manufacturers to replace the door you originally had in the spot.

Refurbished Door vs New Door

There are pros and cons to replacing your door with a new door or choosing to refurbish the one you initially had. It is best to consider these before making a final decision since a door represents the security and aesthetic of your home.

Pros of a Refurbished Door

  • The most significant advantage of refurbishing your front door instead of replacing it is the decreased project cost. It takes much less money to buy the paint or varnish for the door than buy a brand new door.
  • Refurbishing a door means the only real options you have are the color of paint or varnish you choose. If the door isn't as secure or durable, you can't do anything about its material.
  • You get to keep a door that might have more character or might suit your home better if it is one of the original pieces.
  • Repainting a door is an easy process if that is all you need to do to refurbish your front door.

Cons of a Refurbished Door

  • Refurbishing a door does take time. If you decide you don't want or don't have the time to do it yourself, you will pay more for someone else's labor.
  • If you decide to repaint or revarnish a wooden door, keep in mind that this isn't a one-and-done job. You will continue to redo it every year or two to keep it looking fresh.
  • The older a door gets, the less secure it likely is. So if you keep an old door up for too long, you might be compromising the security of your home.

Pros of a New Door

  • A quality replacement door will provide more security for your home. They might come with additional security measures added into their design. However, even without these, since they aren't worn down, they will be stronger than an old door.
  • Replacing your door often equates to an increase in the value of your home. This is partly because of the aesthetics and partially because of the new door's increased security.
  • When you opt to replace your front door, you will get the option to choose your favorite door and have the option of any material you want.
  • Choosing a new door will allow you to select a more energy-efficient option than the older door was. This can save you money even if replacement is the more expensive option.

Cons of a New Door

  • It is more expensive to buy a replacement door than it is is to refurbish one. 
  • You might need to wait to buy a replacement door until you can afford one that is the right blend of aesthetic and durability. Also, keep the climate of your area in mind. For example, steel doors are durable and one of the cheaper options. However, they are also vulnerable to inclement weather and can end up having a shorter lifespan than other materials like fiberglass.

Other Uses for Old Doors

An old door doesn't have to be thrown away if you decide not to use it in your home as a functional piece anymore. You can also use them for other indoor projects that don't require the door to be especially secure. For example, if the door isn't very functional, you can use it as a garden statement piece, creating the illusion of a secret garden. There are many creative ways to use an old door without getting rid of a piece that provides character to your home.

If you decide you prefer a new replacement door talk to our team at Brennan Enterprises. We have a wide selection of doors from the best door brands to increase your front door's security and energy efficiency.


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