Replacement Window Lead Times

Replacement Window Lead Times

When you make the decision to get new windows for your home, you'll no doubt be anxious to get the job done. Further, it is helpful if you know the timeline so you can arrange your plans accordingly. Therefore, you will want to know the specifics of replacement window lead times when you start working with a company to get your windows replaced. 

Since the pandemic began in 2020, window lead times have been a little chaotic. Homeowners once could get windows in a matter of weeks, but now, lead times can be several months. To make matters worse, some companies are not all that straightforward about window lead times in an effort to win over customers. What's really going on with lead times with new windows? What should you expect? We've pulled together the facts for customers below. 

What are lead times?

Basically, window lead time is the time it takes from the point you order new windows until those windows are made and ready to be installed. Usually, when working with a reliable window installation company, the service provider will give you an expected lead time based on the typical time it takes for the chosen manufacturer to build and deliver the products. 

Replacement Window Lead Times: How Long Does It Take To Get New Windows?

Lead times for replacement windows can vary depending on: 

  • The manufacturer of the windows 
  • The region where you live (i.e. living near a certain manufacturer may mean shorter lead times) 
  • The materials of your chosen windows (e.g. vinyl windows may have shorter lead times than aluminum windows) 

Current Lead Times

As noted above, lead times can vary depending on a lot of factors. However, there are some general guidelines to give you an idea of replacement window lead times. As of May 2022, some lead times for certain window types include: 

  • Vinyl and composite windows from companies like Andersen and NT Windows are as low as 10 to 12+ weeks
  • Lead times for aluminum windows are at about 16+ weeks
  • Lead times for wood windows are about 20+ weeks

At Brennan Enterprises, we recently introduced lead time information on product pages. Explore windows by brand, material, and style, and then click on any window to see the most recent lead times provided by the manufacturer. 

Why do lead times keep changing?

When you find out how much window lead times have changed, a few other questions are bound to arise. Is there a window shortage? Is there a shortage of glass for windows?

As much as we'd all like a clearly defined answer, the reality is the answer is that the dreaded "supply chain complications" are to blame. This means that several factors can be prolonging window lead times, such as: 

  • Material shortages—window manufacturers may rely on several suppliers for materials  
  • Labor shortages among window manufacturers 
  • Delivery interruptions and delays due to trucking industry driver shortages 

According to ABC News, supply chain analysts claim that most of these complications are simply caused by the lingering aftermath of dealing with a global pandemic. These effects can ebb and flow for months to come as the industry regroups and plays catch up with orders. 

Some Companies Are Dealing with Installation Delays

Window lead times are not the only thing affecting how long it takes customers to get new windows—installation delays are also involved. Even once a contractor or company gets new windows from the manufacturer, the company may be a little slower than usual in getting to the job. This can be blamed on the fact that the home improvement industry is booming. Many companies have had to extend work hours and bring on new employees in an effort to keep up with service demands. 

A lot of homeowners gained profound levels of equity in their homes because the housing market exploded over the last couple of years. Many chose to take advantage of that fact and take out home-improvement loans backed by that equity. By early 2021, home improvement spending jumped by 7 percent, and as many as 80 percent of homeowners were tackling home improvement projects.  

Final Thoughts on Window Lead Times 

Even though it can be frustrating to wait for your new windows, working with a good window installation company makes all the difference. At Brennan Enterprises, we strive for integrity and open communication. Therefore, when you contact us about window replacement, you will always get full disclosure as to when you can expect your windows to be installed. 

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