Review of Milgard Aluminum Windows

Review of Milgard Aluminum Windows

We at Brennan know an informed consumer is a smart consumer and there are many options for today’s homeowners to choose from. So, we’re focusing on Milgard, one of our premium window suppliers, and one of their most popular window lines: the aluminum series.

Aluminum is a popular window material choice because it is lightweight, durable, low maintenance, and malleable. But what makes Milgard’s aluminum line a popular choice?

Milgard has channeled the malleability and strength of aluminum to create frames which place the focus on the glass and subsequently, the views it offers. For homeowners seeking strong windows and plenty of natural light, the malleability and strength of aluminum pay off as high-value upgrades for the home.

Photo of Milgard's aluminum series windows in a high-end kitchen.

Are Milgard's Aluminum Windows Energy Efficient?

Milgard has developed a “barrier” mechanism in their aluminum construction that enables them to add insulation inside of the window frame. Their Thermally Improved Aluminum windows, (also known a Thermal Break), consist of extruded aluminum, this is where a “channel” is cut through the aluminum. Polyurethane, a kind of plastic, is one of the most efficient insulation materials available on the market. This material, poured into the channel effectively helps regulate the temperature in your home.  

Thermally broken aluminum windows have a plastic channel to reduce thermal transfer.

The hollow space created during extrusion allows a highly insulating polyurethane barrier to be inserted into Milgard’s aluminum frames.

When researching on the most energy efficient window material, you'll find that aluminum, is a major conductor meaning it is less effective in neutralizing temperature fluctuations. You'll want to consider your local energy codes before purchasing aluminum windows regardless of the manufacturer.

Milgard Aluminum Window Construction

To make exceptional aluminum windows, Milgard uses high-quality components. Their rollers, locks, frame members and hardware are designed to keep their windows in the forefront of appearance, security, and strength. Many are Milgard exclusive designs for their six window styles, offering performance you won’t find anywhere else.  

One such example of the modern design of this line is Milgard’s take on aluminum casement windows. Casement windows are an asset when you’re seeking ventilation with a sleek profile. Milgard’s version of this window style is designed with a delicate frame and hardware that is anything but bulky.

Aluminum Casement window from Milgard.

Milgard casement window in Clear Anodized exterior finish

What of those who want to enjoy the clean lines and bountiful light with a little (or a lot of) privacy? Milgard’s aluminum line allows for a variety of glass customization. If you’ve got a bathroom or other private area of your home that you want to enjoy while assured you’re letting in only sunlight, Milgard provides 10 styles of frosted, etched, and textured glass:

Milgard obscure glass options include: Aquatex, Clear 42, Cross Reed, Delta Frost, Frosted Glue Chip, Glue Chip, Matelux, Narrow Reed, P516, Rain.

Gentle tinting is also available if you want to maintain the modern design of this line while minimizing the view into your home:

Milgard window, glass tint options: Azurelite, Cardinal Low-E, Evergreen, Solar Bronze, Solar Gray.

How Durable Are Milgard Aluminum Windows?

The things that we invest in should last. If you’re spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, on new or replacement windows, you’ll want them to perform as long as possible.

Through normal wear and tear, inclement weather, and years of use, aluminum windows have an extremely long life. In fact, aluminum windows are some of the most popular for those living in hurricane-prone areas due to their durability in high winds and beating rain.

For homeowners in North Texas, this means they’re capable of withstanding the wind and rain during thunderstorm season even though they won't do much for your energy savings. Milgard’s confidence in the staying power of aluminum, as well as their craftsmanship, is reflected in their warranty offer. 

Milgard Aluminum Windows in black create a sleek modern design that allow you to maximize your views.

The aluminum series windows come with a Full Lifetime Warranty for the original owner and transfers to second owners 10 years from the install date. Milgard will repair or replace any defect in materials or workmanship and will pay the costs of all parts and labor for as long as the purchaser owns his home. You can rest assured that your investment in their aluminum windows will allow you to enjoy beautiful, contemporary, and high performing units for years to come.

If you desire a modern facelift for your home, aluminum windows may be for you. Milgard’s aluminum series is a top choice for those who want sleek style and durability. The design of these windows allows lots amounts of natural light to enter your home and gives you the opportunity to show off your views.

Our team of professionals is eager to help you choose the best style for your home. If you live in the Northern Texas region, contact us at 817-860-9767 to get your window replacement project started. 


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