Inswing and Outswing Patio Doors: a Comparison

Should I Get Inswing or Outswing Patio Doors for My Home?

Having an outdoor space with a deck or patio has become a very important feature for homeowners all across the country. You want to be closer to the great outdoors without having to travel from your home and your personal amenities. Whether your patio is connected to your kitchen, living room or other indoor space, you need to have the right patio doors to offer protection and functionality. The two main choices you’ll have are inswing and outswing patio doors.

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Depending on the space, and your preference, you may lean towards one type. See our doors catalogue for more inspiration as you’re looking through this post. 

Why Choose Inswing Patio Doors?


Inswing patio doors provide the safety and security you desire as the doors open inward. Deadbolts, hinges and other security features are located on the inside, making them easily accessible to lock up the door before heading to bed. The doors also allow complete control of airflow. Since they swing inward, there is an indirect flow of air that doesn't hit you at full force. You can open the doors just the right amount to allow a fresh breeze to enter, or to permit the hot indoor air to escape.

Inswing doors are very popular in today's market. Manufacturers are answering the demand for inswing doors by offering a wide selection of different features. Due to the number of doors available, you may have an easier time finding the right one that fits into the style of your home and the size of your entryway.

One of the cons of this type of patio door is the fact that because this door opens inward, you might find some conflict with the furniture in your living space or with your window coverings. If you do choose to go with inswing patio doors, think about the placement in your home and consider getting built-in blinds for your door instead of curtains. 

Why Choose Outswing Patio Doors?


Outswing patio doors are grabbing the attention of homeowners who want to maximize their indoor spaces. Outswing doors have the hinges on the outside, giving a cleaner appearance to the room without trying to match the style and color of the interior decor. You can place furniture closer to the entrance without the doors banging into couches, chairs, tables or other items when opened.

These outward swinging doors still offer protection and safety to the homeowners. The hinges are covered and cannot be removed by burglars trying to get inside. In areas that are prone to harsh natural disasters, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, the doors cannot be pushed open by gale-force winds. The doors can also prevent rain and snow from easily entering.

One of the cons of this patio door is that if you already have a small patio, having doors that swing outward might make it a tight fit for the furniture on your porch, and might make it complicated to enjoy a party or get-together in that space. When choosing a patio door, consider the kind of outside space you want and make sure the outswing door will fit well in that space. 

Deciding on Inswing or Outswing Doors For Your Patio

Each type of patio door gives unique benefits to the homeowner, so you’ll have to make your choice based on your personal preferences and needs. Think of the style, functionality, and the protection each door gives to a home, and select the one that will be the perfect feature for your home and allow you easy access to your outdoor living space.

If you’re looking to install new patio doors, turn to Brennan Enterprises. We’ve installed patio doors in homes across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex since 1979. Give us a call at your convenience to schedule a free in-home estimate, or schedule a consultation online, we’re always here to help.


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