3 Simonton Windows Problems You Should Be Aware Of

3 Simonton Windows Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Having a new window in your home can be exciting, whether they are replacement windows or you are choosing new windows for your home. Windows have great impact on the overall value of your home, therefore it is important to be properly informed about your choice of windows.

If you are a fan of vinyl windows you may have heard about Simonton windows. Simonton windows is a large company that has been around for over 70 years, they specialize in building Vinyl windows and doors that are popular and affordable.

While their products are popular, there are some common Simonton window problems you should be aware of. This article is intended to help you be aware of such problems and also know what to do if you already installed the windows and you are having issues with it.

Common Simonton Windows Problems

1. Air infiltration

One of the most common complaints that customers have had when it comes to Simonton windows is the infiltration of air drafts into your home. This is prominent for users who live in the North coast parts of US where it is cold. This air makes it energy inefficient due to energy loss. The inability of the windows to perfectly fit into the side tracks to block out air is a major concern. Most times to fix this issue, installers would use square foams to wedge the windows, this usually does not work, hence homeowners have to either replace the windows or live with it.

2. No Guarantee on Tints

If you are familiar with Simonton windows, you will know that they have different grades of windows, one of them is the Reflections 5500 series. One of the issues you may encounter with Simonton windows is that, should there be a need to replace just one of your home windows, there is no guarantee that you will get an exact match of tint for your old windows. This means that if you cannot get a matching tint, you will have a different shade of tint for the replaced window.

3. Suboptimal in Cold regions

If you live in parts of the US that has heavy winters, snow storms and windy weather. Simonton windows many not be recommended for you, most of the complaints about the poor quality of the windows come from those who live in the more colder regions than those that live in temperate regions of US. Most complaints of drafts entering the room is usually from windy weathers with wind speed of about 20MPH.

Having learned about the different issues that Simonton windows may have, you may wonder on the overall scale if Simonton windows are good or bad, here is our honest response.

Overall are Simonton Windows Good or Bad?

While a lot of people have good things to say about Simonton windows, we do not recommend that you purchase them as the problems that homeowners have to deal with after its purchase are not so pleasant. The solutions offered are usually not satisfactory and does not solve the problem entirely. When buying a window you want windows that are energy efficient and easy to use, you also want one that will be durable and require less interference with your daily living . Simonton windows do not meet that specification in our opinion.

Now the question that you may have is "what about the warranty offered by Simonton, does it not cover the many common Simonton window problems?" You may also want to know the steps to take to effect a repair when there is a damage and also how to maintain your Simonton windows

Tips to Navigating Simonton Windows Repair, Maintenance and Warranties

To maintain your Simonton windows use a mild detergent and soft bristle brush to clean out the dirt, avoid the use of high pressure or power wash so as not to destroy the caulking and sealants used on the window. Harsh chemicals can also have a negative effect on the windows. Proper maintenance means you are mindful of using the proper kind of dirt removal agents to avoid discoloring the vinyl and the glass.

If your window develops a fault and require some action, the first step you may want to do is to diagnose the problem, if you are not able to do this on your own, you need to call your installer. They are professionals that will diagnose your window problems and tell you what to do. 

When your Simonton windows need replacement you may be asked about the warranty↗ on the windows. Simonton windows usually offers a double lifetime warranty for its products, but this does not mean that the warranty covers all aspects of the windows, read your product warranty to know what it covers. To ensure that your warranty will work, here are the steps you need to take if you acquire a new Simonton windows

  • Locate your order number- This is usually located at the frame label or sash label of your window
  • Register your warranty: Enter the required information on their website
  • Submit a warranty request form to claim a warranty about an issue you are having, once you submit the warranty request, it is processed by the service solutions team which will reach out to you via your installer.

Installing a  new Simonton window or replacing an old one requires that you be aware of the common problems that come with these windows, being aware before you go ahead to buy your replacement windows will help you make a better choice.

October 05, 2021


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