Thermal Break Aluminum Windows

Thermal Break Aluminum Windows

The thermal performance of every type of window is determined by several factors, including interior and exterior environment, glazing, and frame modifications. Thermal break aluminum windows offer improved energy efficiency for your Texas home due to frame modifications. Below is a closer look at thermal break aluminum windows, why they're important, and more.   

What Are Thermal Break Aluminum Windows?

Thermal break aluminum windows are windows with a break or channel within the frame. This channel absorbs thermal energy in the form of heat or cold, so the energy does not pass through the window. 

By nature, aluminum is an excellent thermal energy conductor. While this attribute is important for certain purposes, this is not desirable when it comes to windows. Aluminum is lightweight, resilient, moisture-resistant, and long-lasting, however. Therefore, the material is ideal for window frames in so many other ways. By adding a thermal break, homeowners get to reap the advantages of aluminum window frames without the thermal conductivity that would otherwise be an issue. 

Older aluminum windows without a thermal break are prone to changing temperature with the changes in the interior or exterior temperatures. Because the frame houses the glass, these changes in temperature can also affect the temperature of the glass. The thermal break within the frame also prevents this problem. 

Thermal breaks can come in various forms depending on the window. A standard pocket thermal break is simply a channel or pocket that keeps the inner and outer frame disconnected. Polyurethane or other materials are often placed into these channels to further deter thermal transfer. 

Do Standard Aluminum Windows Have a Thermal Break?

In most cases, yes. Most modern aluminum windows are made with some type of thermal break. Even some of the older aluminum windows are made with a standard pocket-type thermal break. However, as you shop for windows, it is important to ask the window sales consultant for specifics as far as thermal breaks are concerned. A well-versed consultant will have no issues describing the frame modifications of any window you are considering. 

Who Makes Thermal Break Aluminum Windows?

Thermal break aluminum windows have pretty much grown to be the industry standard among manufacturers. Therefore, thermal break aluminum window manufacturers are not hard to find. Below is a list of some of the top manufacturers. 

Don Young PolyPour Aluminum Thermal Break Windows

Don Young offers PolyPour aluminum break windows↗ that have a thermal break created by high-density polyurethane inside the metal frame. The windows offer thermal breaks in several points of the frame, including the jamb, sill, and sashes. One reason this brand is desirable is the windows have a nice insulating value compared to some other brands that have thinner or less-significant thermal breaks. 

Kolbe VistaLuxe Windows

The VistaLuxe line↗ from Kolbe Windows & Doors is a collection of all-aluminum windows that are built with thermal breaks in the frame. The brand offers a nice selection, including casement, awning, and specialty windows like tilt-turns and hoppers. 

Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum Windows

Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum windows↗ offer an extruded aluminum frame with a channel that is filled with polyurethane to offer the thermal break. Even though Milgard windows are not available in Texas, Milgard offers everything from single-hung and horizontal slider windows to casement, awning, picture, and radius windows. 

NT Twinsulator Aluminum Windows

NT Window Twinsulator windows offer a ThermaProtect thermally-improved frame and sash. The brand offers a number of options in its aluminum window collection, including single-hung, sliding, picture, and geometric windows. 

PlyGem 4800 Series Windows

PlyGem's 4800 Series windows↗ are created from extruded aluminum frames with a thermal break built right in. These windows offer a polyurethane-filled channel, and come in several types, including single-hung, geometric, sliding, and picture windows. 

Do I Need Thermal Break Windows?

Thermal break windows are an excellent investment if you are concerned about energy efficiency in your home and want aluminum windows. This small but important feature makes a drastic difference in the overall insulating capability of windows. Vinyl windows are not so thermally conductive. Therefore, thermal breaks may not be as necessary, even though some brands do have a break built into the frame. 

Final Thoughts on Thermal Break Aluminum Windows 

Without question, the structure of your windows and the components they contain play a huge part in the overall energy efficiency of your home. Thermal break aluminum windows are simply one more way to ensure the windows you choose are as capable of conserving energy as possible. Several brands offer windows with thermal breaks, and we will be happy to help you find the right options for your home. Reach out to us at Brennan to get the guidance you need. 


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