8 Things People Typically Forget During Home Renovation

8 Things People Typically Forget During Home Renovation

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Author: Rachel Porter, Custom Contractors Insurance, LLC↗

A renovation can be a simple task like redecorating the living room or porch; it can also involve more complex work such as conversions (i.e., from attic to the bedroom) and extensions (i.e., extending the basement or a bedroom). Regardless of the extent of work that needs to be done, a renovation project must be well-planned and organized.

Renovations also take time to finish. You cannot expect a renovation project to be completed in just two or three days. It is almost always a long and extensive process.

With detailed and precise planning, your home renovation is guaranteed to turn your plans into reality.

However, no matter how careful and organized you are, there are times when you forget some essential aspects. Situations like this can cause stress and jeopardize the project.

Knowing which things are often forgotten will give you an idea of what to pay extra attention to, so you won’t leave them out of your list.

8 Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Renovating Your Home

1. Insurance

Make sure that your home insurance policy includes renovations. A policy will protect your home if there are damages due to calamities or accidents while the project is ongoing.

You also have to ensure that the people working on the renovations are insured. For example, residential roofing insurance↗ protects roofers. So, if you plan to have your roof replaced, find a roofing contractor that has a roofing insurance policy.

2. The right materials

Choosing the right materials for your renovation project is not just about what you want; it’s more about what’s best for your home. It’s also not about the price - choosing a material because it’s cheap or the most expensive in the market; it’s about what’s durable, dependable, and ideal for your home.

Don’t forget to consider the history of your home when choosing the materials. Every house has a story, so research and find out which materials best suit the existing architecture. Try to know how you can keep some of the historical or classic elements while adding modern touches to the home.

If the house was originally constructed in the 20th century, read and research on architecture and materials popularly used during that time. Consult with a professional who can provide suggestions on incorporating your home’s original character into the new elements you want to add.

Failing to consider the age, history, and character of your home can turn the renovated space into a cheap addition. It won’t blend with the total look and style of your home. The renovation can turn into an eyesore, and instead of adding value to your property, it will make your home undesirable.

3. Storage space

Every home renovation is unique because homeowners have different design styles and ideas. Some focus on aesthetics, while others choose to be more practical. Regardless of your personal preferences, it is always a good idea to create some space for storage. It does not have to be a big or wide area; it just has to be enough for your regular supplies.

Storage rooms are often thought of last and sometimes forgotten because not all homeowners believe they are essential. But, without one, where will you keep your cookie jars, toilet rolls, or canned food?

4. Good lighting is important

Another factor often overlooked during home renovations is the lighting.

Without proper lighting, your room will be dark and uncomfortable. Imagine inviting friends over and letting them sit in the dark in your living room. How would they feel? How would you feel if you were in their place?

Good lighting is also crucial to avoid accidents like slipping on the floor and bumping into objects. 

If the room you are renovating is big, a single overhead light won’t be enough. Consider adding lights above both sides of your bed. You may also want to use a table or floor lamp. It’s all up to you; just be sure not to take lighting for granted.

5. Plans to sell

Are you planning to sell your house several years from now? If you are, keep this in mind when finalizing your renovation plans. Your priority should be to add value to your home. It’s vital to set a limit, though, so you won’t have difficulty adjusting the price once you start selling it. A few necessary renovations are normal – such as extending the kitchen or a bedroom, particularly if your family is growing.

6. Wiring 

Like lighting, electronic devices are often relegated to the sidelines. Most of the time, homeowners only remember wiring details when all the renovation work is done. By the time they realize that their wiring has to be installed inside ceilings and walls, it is too late and the only option left is to undo the work that was recently finished. Do not let this happen to you.

Find a professional electrician who can work on the wiring of your devices before starting the rest of the renovation. Wiring should always come first.

7. Choosing the right contractors

Contractors will go in and out of your home throughout the renovation project↗. Hence, it is vital to hire the right team. Find at least three contractors with good customer reviews and do extensive research on each one. Ask questions and samples of their completed works (ask for photos). Choose the one that best suits your requirements and needs.

Also, try your best to make your contractors feel that they are valued. Give them coffee or tea and some biscuits from time to time.

8. Paperwork and permit

While most renovation work typically takes place inside your home and is your personal right, some paperwork and permit may be required if work is to be done outside, such as your yard and windows. Get in touch with authorities to gather the information you need. 

Keeping this list in mind and creating a precise and organized action plan will help ensure the success of your home renovation project. It is also crucial to work with certified professional contractors to get the most of your home improvement investment. 

Author Bio:

Rachel Porter is the content specialist for Custom Contractors Insurance, LLC↗, an Arizona roofing and contractors insurance company. When not writing, she enjoys reading and mountain biking with her friends.


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