Top 5 Picks from Restoration Hardware

Top 5 Picks from Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is known for a beautiful blend of styles from classic to industrial and more. There is always something to match your design decor. I've scoured their site for a few handsomely designed pieces. 

1. "Almost Blue" Wall Art

Usually, we consider art last when it comes to designing a room, but this beautiful piece could really be a starting point for inspiration. The aspect I find most interesting about this piece, aside from the gorgeous blue color, is that it was inspired by a song. 

Koen Lybaert Art- $2771 member price

2. Latticework Shelving

This brass, Asian-inspired piece could be the pop and focus for your space. Beautiful lines and plenty of space to showcase your favorite items, this piece really has it all. 

 Latticework Shelving - $2546 Member Price

3. Marseilles Dresser

This dresser, trimmed with studs, has an abundance of storage and comes in two colors-white and pewter. Designing with trunks, I think, is always a win. Pair this dresser with a vintage Persian rug, and you've got a great look. 

Marseilles 12-Drawer Dresser - $2797 Member Price

4.Alabaster Wall Sconce

These sconces almost look like wall art, which adds such a lovely touch to a room. They are a beautiful white alabaster and come with either brass or bronze finishings. I think these would be absolutely dreamy on either side of a bed. 

Hand-Carved Alabaster Rectangle Sconce - $521 Member Price 

5. Burned Branches Side Table

Isn't this side table one of the neatest design elements? The burned branches are encased in an acrylic cube and layered for a pleasing effect. This piece really is one of a kind. 

Holden Side Table - Burned Branches - $2437 Member Price 

These are just a few of the unique pieces from Restoration Hardware. Check out their website or subscribe to their magazine to find the right items for your home.