Top Windows for Builders and Contractors 2021

Top Windows for Builders and Contractors 2021

Windows have the power to transform the way a structure looks and functions. They are a vital part of all buildings, letting in natural light, boosting curb appeal, and improving insulation. When it’s time to make a window upgrade, it can be difficult to decide since there are many choices out there. Therefore, to aid with the selection process, shoppers should learn about the top windows for builders and contractors in 2021.

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Top Windows for Builders and Contractors 2021

According to the BUILDER Brand Use Study for 2021↗, certain window brands fostered greater familiarity and trust over others. By offering better warranties and value per cost, these products were chosen over competing window options. The BUILDER Brand Use Study report covers windows of materials like fiberglass, vinyl, and wood/clad-wood windows.  

Top Fiberglass Window Brands for Builders 2021

The top fiberglass window brands for builders in 2021 are Marvin, Pella, and Milgard. All three are excellent choices for builders, especially for their known product performance. Customers also preferred these brands for their better warranties, product availability, and reasonable prices. 

Other factors that influenced these decisions but didn't have as strong driving factors were the ease of installation, the brand’s reputation, the relationship with the manufacturer, and sustainable green features.


When it comes to finding that perfect balance with quality, performance, and looks, Marvin’s Essential Collection↗ is a strong favorite. Made out of the brand’s proprietary fiberglass, it is eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than the typical vinyl and wood composite window. Meanwhile, this strong product line is known for maintaining its form without cracking or peeling.


Pella Impervia↗ windows are made to handle anything life throws at them.  Made for everyday use, these fiberglass windows are engineered for busy people who don’t have much time for upkeep. Contractors and clients also love the timeless style of Pella windows that outlast trends. And, best of all — all Pella Impervia windows are backed by a strong warranty, boosting customer confidence.


For those in need of a high-end product, the Milgard Ultra Series↗ fulfills all upscale expectations. Available in a variety of colors and customizable frame sizes, these fiberglass windows offer plenty of options, which include dual-toned frames to match diverse interiors and exteriors. They are also heat and cold-resistant and incredibly low-maintenance.

Top Vinyl Window Brands for Builders 2021

The top vinyl window brands for builders in 2021 are JELD-WEN, MI Windows and Doors, and Ply Gem Windows and doors. Vinyl has been a favorite window material for years for its price per value. These three particular brands stand out for their excellent performance, warranties, product availability, and affordability. 


JELD-WEN Vinyl Windows↗ are known for mimicking the look of wood but without requiring its upkeep. These windows are easy to maintain and come in a wide range of styles. Backed by a solid warranty, JELD-WEN’s vinyl windows also come with desirable features like thermally-efficient frames, Low-E insulating glass, and performance-boosting wide frames and sash profiles. These can also be given custom sight lines to create perfect visual results.

MI Windows and Doors

MI Vinyl Windows↗ are available in a variety of styles and colors to create stunning custom results. Choices include multiple grid styles and color and glass options to offer various levels of privacy. With many energy-star certified products available, contractors can also promise increased energy-efficiency after an MI vinyl window replacement.

Ply Gem Windows & Doors

Ply Gem Vinyl Windows↗ keep the most desired styles of windows on top of mind. These products are a popular choice for contractors who need to provide multiple color options to suit dark to neutral color themes. Ply Gem is also proud of the superior thermal performance of its vinyl which promises money-saving energy efficiency. 

Top Wood and Clad-Wood Window Brands for Builders 2021

The top wood and wood-clad window brands for 2021 are Andersen, JELD-WEN, and Pella.  The most influential factors that determined this brand selection were product performance, warranty features, product availability, and price. 


Andersen Clad Wood Windows embodies the timeless beauty of natural wood. Products from the E-series, A-series, 400 series, and 200 series offer varying amounts of vinyl coatings, offering protection against moisture and pests. Every wooden window is gorgeously stained and painted, making them suitable as retrofits for a historic buildings or a warm enhancement to a modern home.


JELD-WEN Custom Wood and Clad Wood Windows↗ strike a fine balance between art and function. The wide range of custom window options make it easy to fulfill a client's design dreams. In particular, JELD-WEN 's patented AuraLast® pine is one of the favored materials since it's optimized to resist wood rot, water saturation, and termites. Other excellent options include oak, walnut, knotty alder, douglas fir, mahogany, cherry, and other custom species.


Pella Aluminum Clad Wood Windows↗ offer a wide range of styles so that every building can have the warmth and beauty of natural wood. On top of good looks, Pella clad wood windows are energy-efficient and backed by an excellent limited lifetime warranty. In particular, Pella's EnduraClad® aluminum cladding is known for its strength and ability to protect wood from rain and intense temperatures.

Fiberglass, Vinyl, and wood windows each have different strengths that appeal to diverse client needs. Find the right material for an upcoming project is based on these materials’ unique strengths. 


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