What are Replacement Windows?

What are Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are windows that are used in remodeling projects. Like new construction windows, replacement windows are also new products they just have a different name because they are used for remodeling and not a new building. There are also some differences in installation methods and frames. We'll discuss more in this post.

What are Replacement Windows?

Some replacement windows are made to fit the window frames in an existing home while other replacement windows include the full window frame and are installed in the original window's rough opening. Replacement windows are generally a little higher priced when compared to builder grade new construction windows but they are also better quality and more durable.

Window Frames for Replacement Window Projects

The most common frames we use in replacement window projects are block frame windows. These include a full new frame to hold the operable or fixed window sashes. The sash is the part of the window that holds the glass. For a full frame replacement project we remove the original window all the way down to the rough opening and install the new window. To save money when the frame of the window is still in good condition some homeowners opt for insert windows. The insert window also has a frame but it is placed inside the existing window frame after removing the original window's sashes. There are additional frame options, we'll discuss in further detail after introducing new construction window frames.

Window Frames for New Construction Window Projects

The biggest difference between new construction windows and replacement windows is that new construction windows have a nail flange. The nail flange is needed to install the window with proper water proofing. Windows for new construction projects can be high quality and expensive like replacement windows but builders usually choose the cheapest windows possible to reduce their costs. 

Window Frame Operational Styles

You can choose from a variety of window frame operational styles, as well. You can go with a standard single hung window, a double-hung window, sliding windows, awning windows, bow windows, arched windows, and more. Choosing the right window frame for your replacement windows will depend on the shape and size of the existing window frame you are replacing.

Different Types of Replacement Windows

There are several different window frame styles to choose from. Here is a closer look at all of them:

Block Frame Windows

A block frame window doesn’t require a nail fin, brick mold, or flush flange. Instead, a block window can be pushed directly into the window opening and fastened in place with screws or clips. The block frame window is simple for installers to install from inside the home. They’re a very versatile type of replacement window.

Brick Mold Windows

Vinyl windows work very well with brick mold frames. The brick mold is designed to match the brick design of a house. The window secures into the vinyl lining. Brick mold windows have been a popular choice for replacement windows for decades.

Flush Flange Windows

Flush flange replacement windows offer a flat, neat look. The window slides into place and is secured to the exterior stucco finish of the window frame.

Insert Windows

Insert replacement windows install directly into the existing frame. They help preserve the original frame, trim, and siding of the home. This is particularly useful with century-old homes that exude a very particular style.

Why Choose Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows can be a challenge to work with because there are some limitations in your choices. You’ll have to choose both a window and a frame that works with the existing home. Choose the window frame style and operational style that works best with the size constraints you have. Then choose the frame that will best support that replacement window and maximize its lifespan. You'll also be able to choose from a variety of materials and colors to perfectly compliment your design.

Budget and style will play a key role in choosing the right replacement window for your renovation project. You may be wondering what makes replacement windows a better choice over construction windows. The answer is that replacement windows are a better-quality product so you’ll really get more bang for your buck with replacement windows in your home.


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