What is the Warranty on Andersen 100 Series Windows?

What is the Warranty on Andersen 100 Series Windows?

While virtually all replacement windows include a warranty, not all warranties are equal. While it is crucial to examine the quality, craftsmanship, and features when choosing replacement windows, it is equally important to understand the manufacturer’s warranty. That way, you’ll know what type of support you'll have if an issue arises in the future. We’ll take an in-depth look at Andersen’s 100 Series line to better understand window warranties. You’ll be better able to understand what to look for and apply what you’ve learned in comparing it with the warranty of other manufacturers.

This post will give you an overview of the elements of the warranty for Andersen’s Series 100 windows. You should read the entire warranty before making a purchase and ask your dealer about any clarifications regarding the protection.

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Andersen 100 Series Windows

Andersen’s 100 series windows offer cost efficiency and craftsmanship. They are made from Fibrex, a composite material that is similar to vinyl but offers darker and richer colors. Fibrex is an energy-efficient material composed of recycled materials and is environmentally friendly. The 100 Series is available in several window styles including picture, single hung, gliding, specialty shape, casement and awning, and a variety of color choices.

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What is the Warranty on Andersen 100 Series Windows?

Andersen offers a limited, transferable Owner2Owner warranty on 100 Series windows. That means that all parts of the protection transfer to the new homeowner if you sell your house before the plan expires. A limited warranty means that there is either a time limit on how long the coverage lasts or that there are specific conditions that apply to the coverage. Like most window warranties, Andersen’s products do not offer stream-lined protection for the window unit as a whole. Instead, specific parts are covered by individual sections of the contract.  Each has its own terms, duration, and exclusions. Any warranty claims must be the result of defects in material, workmanship, or manufacturing.  Damage to any part of your window from accidents or other circumstances is not covered by the warranty. 

What Does Andersen’s Glass Warranty Cover for 100 Series Windows?

  • Glass Coverage: 20 years
  • Vision/obstruction: 20 years
  • Patterned Glass: 20 years (with exclusions)

 The warranty for the 100 Series promises that your window glass will be free from defects starting at the time of purchase for a period of 20 years from the time of purchase. The individual glass packages are all listed in the coverage. In addition to cracks and other damage including premature seal failure, your windows are guaranteed to not develop issues regarding vision or obstruction under the same time frame. An example would be the window developing discoloration or fogginess affecting your ability to see through them. Patterned glass is offered the same coverage and includes obscure, fern, reed, and cascade. Andersen guarantees that it will not develop a material change in appearance for 20 years.  It is important to note that special order glazing, impact-resistant glass, and any third-party glass that was not installed by the manufacturer are not covered. If your window contains special glazing or special safety glass, you should consult your vendor regarding coverage.

What Does Andersen’s Parts Warranty Cover for 100 Series Windows?

  • Non-glass components: 10 years

Any non-glass parts of your windows are called “components other than glass” in the warranty documentation.  It refers to the frame, sash, insect screens, and hardware such as handles, hinges, locks, non-electric operators, and other components. Non-glass components are warranted for a period of ten years from the time of purchase. You should review the agreement carefully for a complete list. The agreement notes that finishes on bright brass and satin nickel hardware are excluded.  If your windows include parts that are not listed or excluded, you should ask your dealer if separate coverage is available. 

What Does Andersen’s Exterior Color Finish Warranty  Cover for 100 Series Windows?

  • Exterior color finish (flaking, blistering, etc): 10 years
  • Exterior color finish (fading): 10 years

Fibrex exterior components are covered against flaking, blistering, cracking, pitting, corrosion, or loss of adhesion for 10 years from the date of purchase. Additionally, fading is also covered for the same period on the exterior. You should carefully read the conditions as the amount of fading and how the manufacturer measures it are explained in detail. Coverage only applies if the specific criteria listed are met. Weatherstripping, accessories, hardware, insect screens are among the items that are excluded in this section. You should carefully consult this part of the warranty and ask your dealer any questions you have about the coverage provided.

What is NOT Covered by the Warranty for 100 Series Windows?

In addition to the items mentioned in each section, there are a number of special conditions that are not covered or that could void the warranty of your windows.  Below are some of the crucial points.  You should read the entire list and ask your dealer about any exclusions you do not understand. 

  • Product modifications
  • Improperly installed or mulled units by non-certified crews
  • Failure by 3rd party hardware installation]
  • Conditions beyond the published performance specifications
  • Water infiltration caused by other factors besides manufacturing defects

Other excluded items:

  • Labor (unless otherwise specified)
  • Any third-party additions
  • Rattling of grille bars
  • Service trips for product instruction 

How Do You File a Warranty Claim for 100 Series Windows?

Andersen will resolve warranty claims in one of three ways. The manufacturer has the ultimate say in how they handle your particular claim.  Unless otherwise noted, here are the three remedies Andersen offers in most situations:

  • Replacement part (labor for installation is not included)
  • Factory authorized repair at no cost to the homeowner
  • Refund the original purchase price

To make a claim, you should contact your dealer or reach out to Andersen directly. Contact information is included under the section for making a warranty claim. You should provide the following information:

  • A product description including exterior color, unit type, and glass measurements
  • Product ID label
  • Logo information etched in the corner of the glass
  • Description of the concerns
  • Documentation of purchase date
  • Your contact information

Additional information

Andersen recommends you register your warranty online and provides the instructions to do so. The company promises not to sell or share your information with any third parties. Instructions and contact information are also provided for out-of-warranty repairs.

Dispute Resolution

Andersen has a dispute resolution process in place in the event you are not satisfied with the resolution of your claim or if you are denied.  To file a dispute, you are asked to obtain a form from the website and submit it. The company has up to 60 days to reply and will respond in writing with its decision. You should also note that by accepting the terms of the warranty, you waive your right to a jury trial or to participate in a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer. There is an opt-out procedure available by submitting a form available on the website. Doing so will not alter or affect your warranty. An 800 number is provided if you have additional questions regarding the dispute resolution procedure.

It is easy to overlook the warranty in the window buying process. You now know what factors to look for and how to compare the warranties of other window manufacturers.


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