What is the Warranty on Andersen 200 Series Windows?

What is the Warranty on Andersen 200 Series Windows?

As an informed consumer, it's important to understand all aspects of a potential purchase. Warranties are often overlooked by homeowners when shopping for replacement windows. While almost all windows offer some kind of guarantee, they are not all equal. We’ll break down and examine the warranty for Andersen 200 Series windows. North Texas homeowners will have a better understanding of their window warranty and be able to apply that knowledge when comparing it to other manufacturer’s warranties. 

This post is an overview of the major components of Andersen’s 200 Series windows warranty. You should thoroughly read the entire agreement and consult the manufacturer or an authorized dealer with specific questions regarding the coverage terms.

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Additional warranties can be found on Andersen’s website.

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Andersen 200 Series Windows

Homeowners who want wood windows but are on a budget love the 200 Series. The windows in this series are low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and energy-efficient, even during hot Texas summers. Andersen 200 Series windows are available in three styles including double-hung, gliding, and picture windows. Limited options in styles and customization keep costs low making them attractive to homeowners in search of a deal.

What is the Warranty on Andersen 200 Series Windows?

Andersen’s 200 Series shares the same warranty agreement as their 400 Series. Like most industry warranties, all of Andersen’s warranties offer coverage on individual components as opposed to a blanket warranty that covers the entire window. That means that different parts may have different coverage terms and durations similar to a car warranty. Andersen refers to all of their warranty plans as Owner2Owner limited warranty plans. If you sell your home before the warranty expires, the remaining coverage extends to the new homeowner. A limited warranty means that there is either an expiration date on the coverage or there are certain criteria where the coverage applies. In this case, the warranty is only valid if damage occurs resulting from defects in workmanship, manufacturing, or materials. The coverage begins from the time the windows are purchased and not when they are installed. 

What Does Andersen’s Glass Warranty Cover for 200 Series Windows?

  • Glass Coverage: 20 Years
  • Seal Failure/obscurement: 20 Years
  • Organic Seal Failure: 20 years

The first part of the warranty plan is specific to the glass. Not only does it protect the glass from breaking due to manufacturing defects, but it also protects the organic window seals and divided-light grilles. This coverage applies for 20 years.  It also promises that the windows will not develop material changes in appearance or obstruction of vision. If the glass fogs up or discolors as the result of a manufacturing defect such as a premature seal failure, Andersen will resolve the issue within the covered period. We’ll discuss warranty repair options later.

While almost all of the available glass packages are covered, it is crucial to note that there are exclusions to this section. Special order glazings, art glass, insulated art glass, impact-resistant glass, and shades or blinds between the glass are not covered. Additionally, any glass in the unit that is not factory installed by Andersen is not protected. If you choose specialized glass, you should read through the exclusions carefully.  Check with your dealer to find out if excluded products have a separate warranty plan.

What Does Andersen’s Parts Warranty Cover for 200 Series Windows?

  • Wood Exterior: 5 years
  • Other Non-glass Components: 10 years

Andersen refers to non-glass parts of the window unit as “components other than glass” in the warranty plan. This includes hardware and items such as non-electric openers, locks, lifts, balance systems, hinges, handles, insect screens, weatherstripping, exterior trim, sash, and frame members. All of these items are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for up to ten years.  The wood elements on the exterior have the same coverage, however, they are only covered for a duration of five years. Electric window operators and retractable insect screens are noted as exclusions but may have separate warranties.  Read the terms for any other exclusions and find out if your options are covered and check with your authorized Andersen vendor if you have questions regarding anything that is not covered.

What is NOT Included in the Limited Warranty for 200 Series Windows?

In addition to specific items that are not covered in each section of the contract, Andersen notes a series of other exclusions that apply to the entire window. The following list is some examples of items that are not covered by the warranty or that could void the coverage. This list is not exhaustive and you should carefully read through what is not covered and the additional exclusions section carefully.

Some of the exclusions include: 

  • Any type of modifications
  • Any additions such as third-party hardware
  • Using an unapproved 3rd party contractor for installation, assembly, or delivery
  • Improper installation
  • Removing unit and installing on another building
  • Using a residential grade window unit on a commercial building

How Do I File a Warranty Claim for Andersen 200 Series Windows?

If a problem develops with your windows within the allotted time period, you can file a warranty claim either through the vendor you purchased your windows from or by contacting the manufacturer directly. Andersen encourages you to register the warranty online to expedite claims and to receive product updates. Instructions for registration and filing a claim are provided in the documentation.

You will need to provide the following information to file a warranty claim:

  • Your contact information
  • The product information
  • Information etched in the corner of the glass
  • Purchase documentation

Andersen has several options it can utilize at its discretion including offering a replacement part, authorizing a factory repair, or giving you a refund.  You should carefully review these terms in each section of the agreement. Certain items such as the labor to install replacement parts may not be included. It is important to understand that the manufacturer has the final say in how the issue is resolved.  In the event that your particular issue isn’t covered or out of warranty there are instructions provided for non-warranty repairs. 

Dispute Resolution

In the event you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a warranty claim, you have the right to file a dispute through the company. To do so, you are required to download a form and submit the complaint in writing. Instructions for obtaining the form and where to send it are included in the agreement. Andersen has up to 60 days to reply in writing. There is a number provided if you have additional questions about the dispute resolution process.

Legal Issues

It is important that you read the entire warranty, particularly the legal section at the end. By registering or accepting the warranty, you waive your right to a jury trial or to join a class-action lawsuit unless you request a waiver. There are instructions for requesting a form online. By completing the form, you maintain your right to a jury trial and any class action lawsuits without compromising your warranty coverage.

Andersen’s 200 Series windows are a terrific choice for North Texas homeowners that want quality windows, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance. Factors such as price, architectural style, curb appeal, and materials are all important things to think about in your purchasing decision, but make sure the windows you choose have a reasonable warranty. 


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