What is the Warranty on Andersen E-Series Windows?

What is the Warranty on Andersen E-Series Windows?

Warranties may not be the first thing people consider when looking for replacement windows. However, it is a crucial detail in the event problems are discovered after the installation or a window unit fails down the road. The Andersen brand and its E-Series are one of the top sellers for DFW homeowners. We will take an in-depth look at the warranty of this product line specifically. 

The information provided here is general in nature. You should read the entire warranty for your specific products and contact your dealer or the manufacturer with any questions. 

View Andersen E-Series Warranty (2019)

Additional warranties can be found on Andersen’s website.

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  5. What Does Andersen’s Exterior Coatings & Finish Warranty Cover for E-Series Windows?
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Andersen E-Series Windows

Andersen Windows is the best-known window brand in the country. It’s also a popular brand for our customers here in North Texas. In fact, E-Series windows are one of our best-selling Andersen products. One thing people love about the E-series is the degree of flexibility available in design. In addition to being highly energy efficient, E-Series windows are also highly customizable.

There are over 50 different color and finish choices and a variety of wood species available. The windows are available in custom shapes and can be combined to create a unique and distinctive look for your home. 

What is the Warranty on Andersen E-Series Windows?

Andersen offers a limited warranty on all of its E-Series products. It refers to the plan as a limited Owner2Owner warranty. A limited warranty means that there are certain restrictions and time limits for the coverage. We’ll examine the specifics of these limitations further below. The Owner2Owner title identifies that the warranty coverage can be passed from one homeowner to the next as long as the windows are still within the time-frame of the contract. 

It’s important to note that coverage does not start over for a new homeowner. Instead, the new owner has whatever time is left on the contract. 


Coverage begins at the time of purchase from the dealer and not when the products are installed.

A window warranty works much like a car warranty. Although the car may be covered from “bumper to bumper,” there are specific conditions and time limits on different parts of the car such as the transmission, drive train, engine, and other parts.  The same is true of windows. Warranty coverage only specifically covers damage resulting from defects at the manufacturing facility. Specifically, it must result from a defect in workmanship (assembly), materials, or during the manufacturing process itself. Different parts of your window units will have different time periods of coverage.

What Does Andersen’s Glass Warranty Cover for E-Series Windows?

  • Glass Coverage: 20 Years
  • Decorative Glass Coverage: 10 Years

Most of the glass packages for Andersen E-Series windows are covered for a period of 20 years from the time they are purchased. In addition to being free from defects during this time period, the warranty also covers visibility issues or seal failure during this time period. The terms note that decorative glass is only covered for these conditions for a period of ten years. 

Additionally, features like special glazings and glass, not factory installed by Andersen are excluded from coverage. Make sure to look over the warranty if you have any additional questions.

What Does Andersen’s Parts Warranty Cover for E-Series Windows?

  • Interior Wood Coverage:  10 Years
  • Exterior Wood Coverage: 5 Years
  • Hardware Coverage: 10 Years

The rest of the non-glass components and hardware for E-Series windows are covered in separate sections. In this case, the wood and wood composite parts have a section of their own. The non-wooden components such as hardware, insect screens, weatherstripping, and blinds are covered in another section. 

The interior wood is warrantied for a period of 10 years against defects while the exterior wood components are protected for five years. The warranty notes that for the coverage to remain valid that all wood parts must be properly sealed, stained or painted and maintained per factory instructions↗. Additionally, homeowners must protect the wood components from moisture, excessive dryness, and other abnormal exposures.

Most of the hardware for the E-Series is covered for ten years including the hardware, weatherstripping, blinds,  and insect screens. Retractable insect screens are only covered for one year. One noted exclusion in this section concerns weathering of hardware finishes with the exception of Limited Lifetime Brass. Andersen considers weathering to be normal and does not cover changes in hardware finishes under normal conditions.

What Does Andersen’s Exterior Coatings & Finish Warranty Cover for E-Series Windows?

  • Exterior Painted Aluminum Coverage: 20 Years
  • Exterior Painted Aluminum for Coastal Seashore Coverage: 10 Years
  • Exterior Anodized Finish Coverage: 5 Years

The coverage for coatings and finishes is broken down into three separate sections of the agreement. The first is for exterior painted aluminum surfaces. Homeowners should read this section carefully as specific parts, window types and coatings are mentioned. In general, the coverage is for 20 years. Standard colors on included window types and parts are guaranteed to be free from cracks, checks, peeling, flaking, blistering or loss of adhesion. There are also specific conditions for color fade and the process used to measure the degree of tolerance.

There are a number of specific exclusions in this section including accessories and hardware, insect screen frames, handle and lock trim components and other parts. Owners should carefully read what is excluded and the specific circumstances which void the coverage and ask their vendor about anything that is unclear.

There is a separate section for exterior painted aluminum surfaces installed on homes near the coastal seashore. Windows for these homes use the 2604 & 2605 coating systems that are specially designed to withstand the corrosive conditions of saltwater in the air. If you choose an anodized finish on the exterior of your E-Series windows, you will want to pay attention to the special section that covers this particular option. The coverage is similar to the general exterior coating and finish section, but limited to a period of five years and there are additional considerations that you should read over carefully if you choose this finish for your E-Series windows.

What is Not Included in the Limited Warranty for E-Series Windows?

In addition to the exclusions mentioned in specific sections, there is a list of items not covered by the warranty. This list supersedes any other part of the terms of the warranty. The list below are examples of some of the items not covered. You should read this section and the “additional items excluded” for the complete list of exclusions.

  • Any modifications to the glass or components including adding tinting.
  • Improper installation
  • Adding third party, non-Andersen hardware
  • Improper maintenance
  • Accidents
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Acts of God
  • Using a third party to deliver or install the units

It is crucial to note that labor and installation are not covered by this agreement. In fact, installing the units yourself or using a third-party installation crew that is not factory-certified can void the coverage of your windows entirely. Andersen has a list of certified dealers and installers in your area that are specially trained to properly deliver and install your windows. Additionally, by using certified installers, Andersen provides a separate warranty for the labor and installation.

How Do I File a Claim for Covered Repairs on Andersen E-Series Windows?

In general, there are three resolutions that Andersen offers in settling a warranty claim. At its option, the company will offer a replacement part, provide a factory authorized repair at no cost to you, or refund the original purchase price. Unless otherwise specified, the labor of installing replacement parts is not included. You should check each section of the agreement to find out the specific remedies for your situation. To file a warranty claim, you are asked to contact the vendor you purchased your windows from or contact Andersen directly. Andersen provides contact information in the guarantee and what information you need to provide. There is also information provided on handling out-of-warranty claims.

Dispute Resolution

Sometimes, things happen and cannot be resolved amicably. Andersen offers a dispute resolution process if your claim is denied or you are not happy with the resolution. If you wish to file a dispute, you must do so in writing using a form provided on the company’s website. The full procedure with a link to the form is provided in the dispute section. Andersen then has up to 60 days to respond to your claim in writing. It is important to note that in addition to the dispute resolution section, there is a clause preventing you from joining class-action lawsuits or having a jury trial if you decide to litigate matters in court. However, there is an opt-out process and a form available for you to fill out. Doing so will not void or alter your coverage or resolution options. Andersen also provides an 800 number at the end of the document that you can call in regards to questions about the process.

As you can see, window warranties are an important part of the decision-making process when purchasing replacement windows. You should read the warranty before making a purchase so you know how the coverage works, the exclusions, and any special circumstances that apply. 

Working with a trusted Andersen dealer or contractor is the best way to ensure your windows aren’t compromised in the installation process. Brennan Enterprises is the largest Andersen Windows dealer in Texas. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our Andersen Windows expert. Not in Texas? Visit Andersen online to find a dealer near you.


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