Window Styles for Craftsman Style Houses

Window Styles for Craftsman Style Houses

In this post, we take a closer look at the the Craftsman style house and discuss appropriate window styles. If you're interested in replacing the windows in your home remember to consider the architectural style of your house. While you can choose whichever windows you want based on look, function, and cost, choosing architecturally authentic windows is a safe option if you want to maintain the aesthetic look and value of the house. Read on to learn more.

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What is a Craftsman Style House?

The design and construction of the Craftsman style house was a direct response and alternative to the mass-produced cookie-cutter houses that flooded cities during the First Industrial Revolution. Spun out of the British Arts and Crafts movement, the American Craftsman architecture trend took place at the turn of the 20th century.

Craftsman Style Architectural Features:

  • Exposed rafters inside the home
  • Exposed rafter tails on the exterior
  • Shallow pitched roofs with deep pitched or gabled overhangs with decorative supports.
  • A mixture of natural, raw, locally sourced materials - bricks, siding, stone, wood, shingles, etc.
  • Deep, broad, or wrap-around porches
  • Prominent stone or brick chimneys
  • Usually one or one and a half stories
  • A stairway typically leading to the front door
  • Open plan interior
  • Wood beam ceilings
  • Art glass and decorative details

While Craftsman homes are the most popular of the Arts and Craft era architecture in the United States, other architectural styles came out of an appreciation for more creative artistry. Prairie style architecture is similar in features and can be seen in the Midwest. The difference is the sleek aesthetic that Frank Lloyd Wright↗ brought into the nature-loving design. He added modern cantilevers, long horizontal lines, and seamless harmony between building and landscape. You can find Greene and Greene↗ Japanese-inspired Bungalow homes in California, also similar in design but with more ornate, oriental frills. 

Window Styles for Craftsman Style Houses

Craftsman style homes make use of a variety of window styles:

  • Double-hung windows are vertically-oriented windows, also known as sash windows. They have two moving parts that open upwards or downwards. With stained wood interiors, this style is predominant in Craftsman homes. 
  • Casement windows hinge along one side to open outwards. They are typically vertical in proportion. You can use casement windows as accent windows accompanying the spaces beside a fireplace in Craftsman-style homes. 
  • Awning windows are similar to casement windows, except the hinge is at the top, and they open outwards and upwards. They are not typical Craftsman windows but won't compromise the look of the Art and Craft style. 
  • Picture windows are fixed windows that cannot open. They serve to allow in natural lighting and increase outdoor-viewing potential. Picture windows are used when combined with hung or casement windows to create a larger window area. 
Andersen Architectural Collection Windows

Andersen is the perfect partner for architecturally authentic windows and doors. 


Simple grille patterns and the use of accents in windows are popular for this style of home. You'll find earthy colors, heavy leading, and symmetrical arrangements in this style. Art glass and the use of stained glass adds another creative dimension and some decorative relief to what can sometimes be surrounded by heavy, earthy materials. 

Should your old house need an upgrade, you can easily replace old windows in your Craftsman home. Conserving energy and adding value to your home with new, airtight, and durable window styles will give your home a new life. 

Featured Property

The craftsman style house above is located in Butte, Montana and was built in 1920. This example is beautifully maintained and features beautiful wood elements and warm colors on the interior. If you like vintage styles, this home is worth a closer look inside. Check it out at Cottages & Bungalows↗

Craftsman Style Houses, Keeping Art Alive

In 1908 Gustav Stickley founded a farm and school for the Arts and Crafts Movements, designing a building that has become the quintessential example of Craftsman Style homes. Craftsman Farm↗, found in Morris County, typifies Craftsman Bungalow architecture with its simple, clean lines, unadorned natural materials, and exposed joinery, typical of the Arts and Crafts Movement. A look at the Craftsman Farm and older Craftsman style homes is essential research for homeowners that want to renovate their Craftsman home or want to create an authentic look in a new construction home. 


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