Windows to Door Conversion in Colleyille

Windows to Door Conversion in Colleyille

All right, folks. It's time for one of our favorite things: a transformation reveal.

A Colleyville family recently decided to make a major change in their home - they wanted to completely take out an existing kitchen wall, door, and window seat that opens to their outdoor patio to insert a full-size glass sliding door. The Milgard Moving Glass Wall System (MGWS) offered the perfect solution. Their custom-fit pocket door created a 12-foot wide unobstructed opening in their wall, allowing a full view of their backyard and plenty of space to come and go onto the patio.

One of the coolest features of this door is that it pulls back in sections - each panel layers on top of the other, creating a completely open space. There are no studs, columns, or supports blocking the space in the middle of the doorway, which allows it to be a staggering 144 inches wide! Check it out:


 That's a lot of words, and we know you came here for the pictures, so here they are in all their glory:







But wait - it gets better. We've got a video, too.



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