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Zip Code: 76039 (Euless, TX)

Review from Brian B.

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Dilmar came out and now has everything cleaned up. They even glued the head back on my neighbor's Mickey Mouse figure. I will add a star.----- Previous Review Below: 5+ stars for the window replacement. It was installed and crystal clear. 5 stars for the siding itself. -1 stars for the miscommunications. They told me that all materials were on hand 3 separate times when all they had was a promise from the manufacturer for the delivery date of the siding - yet they like to blame the manufacturer for some reason. 0 stars for the clean up. Siding job started yesterday (Friday) at 2:30 pm. By 8:30, it was too dark, so they left. Crew said they'd stop by Saturday to finish cleanup - no show. I still have debris in my front yard, my garden hose is strung out over my neighbor's yard, and they still haven't reconnected the downspouts they removed. The new window they installed is now completely smudged, debris was left on the roof where they installed the siding, empty caulking tube, drink bottles, and leftover debris is in my neighbor's yard, and my leaf guard on the gutter is damaged. I hope they'll be back to fix all this..nothing has been scheduled. (It's 3:30 Sunday as I write this.)


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