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Jeremy W

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Zip Code: 75056 (Lewisville, TX)

I am very thankful I was able to speak with Cameron to get this issue fixed.

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I was able to speak with the general manager, Cameron Brennan, to explain what happened and why I do not think we should be held responsible for the damage caused from a malfunctioning door. He was extremely nice and helpful. He told me he would contact the vendor and be in contact with me later in the day. True to his word, he sent an email with an update. Later in the week, I got a call from Cameron and he said he spoke with the vendor who would be giving them a check for the total amount of the damage. A couple weeks later we received a check for the total amount it will cost to fix our floor!! I am very thankful I was able to speak with Cameron to get this issue fixed. Kyle Strouse, the person who sold us the door, was extremely helpful and professional regarding the sale of the door and trying to fix the issue. However, the vendor would not listen to Kyle regarding paying for the damage. It was frustrating it took talking to the GM to resolve the issue. If I need another door in the future I will use Kyle because he always had our best interest in his thoughts. Old Review: We bought a new backdoor from Brennan Enterprises because a rock got thrown up while mowing and shattered the glass on the old door. We had heard they have great products and more importantly excellent customer service. We got our new door in September 2019. Around February 2020, I noticed our wood floor by the backdoor was looking like water was getting in somehow and the floors were starting to expand/warp. I contacted Brennan and they sent the installer back out. He looked at the door and said the builder of the door didn't seal the glass on the door well so there was a little leak. He put silicone around the edge of the glass and got it to seal. We haven't had a problem since. The only problem is now our natural, real, red oak hardwoods are messed up and need to be replaced. We contacted them and they got us in contact with the vendor. The vendor said they will only pay half of the repair because they do not know if the previous door had a leak. Our floors never had any damage until we got the new door put in. Now we are trying to work with the vendor to pay for faulty door. I feel like Brennan should pay for the wood floor repair, then take it up with the vendor themselves. Either way, I still have a messed up wood floor I am trying to figure out how to get fixed. I thought a new back door would make our old broken door seem obsolete, but now I wish we just replaced the glass of the old door.

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