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Janna W.

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Zip Code: 76053 (Hurst, TX)

Review from Janna W.

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I was SO hoping I would have a 5 star review, but honestly I just don't. I would give it 3.5 but I can only choose between 3 or 4 so I have to rate a 3. This is based on the initial stress of 5 days of work, and it not being done right the first time. Also, having to contact the company numerous times to even get someone out to look at the issues. I will say the owner is very nice, and obviously expects his workers to do a great job.. the problem was I don't think anyone in the company was willing to notify him of issues until I posted a review. I was concerned they were sending the initial installer to do corrections, even though they sent a supervisor out to work with him. In my heart, I knew the windows weren't sealed properly the first time, but I also knew maybe this was a teaching experience for him and that's why they were sending him out. They agreed to remove all exterior trim and fill in the gaps... when that was done it was obvious it wasn't done right the first time. The supervisor told me this was a bigger job than the installer could handle the first time and should have asked for help... much longer


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