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If you're looking for a next level installation experience

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We've been building, remodeling, and repairing our homes for almost 30 years. We've tackled most any home related project a home owner might encounter. I can say without a doubt that the build/installation process makes or breaks a project above all else. When we were ready to replace the windows in our current home, we went looking for a company that understands the importance of the install. In researching Brennan, it was clear that they focused on the installation experience. Pete and crew did not disappoint. They know what they are doing. Ripping out existing windows is not for the faint of heart. It's very nerve racking for a home owner to watch. That said, the guys tackled one window at a time. They made very little mess of which they cleaned up immediately. The finish work was among the best I've seen. For someone with an extreme attention to detail, window caulking is incredibly important. I've never seen it done better. If you're looking for a next level installation experience, Pete and company at Brennan Enterprises is as good as it gets.

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