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Review from Robert J

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I encourage all homeowners to seek out estimates AND options from Home Depot and Lowe's before contacting Brennan. Watch how the the competition "treats" you... then, you will without a doubt choose Brennan. We have been living with OEM F&J Front (Double) Door and rear single pane glass sliding back door with 3 panels that were deteriorating over the years and completely awful at sealing out the cold/hot outdoors. We wasted $50.00 paying for an estimate from Home Depot to hear that of the 100s of front doors they had in stock, our front doors would only fit "1" door they had in stock, to which we declined because it was hideous. We instantly lost our $50.00 and they lost our business...forever. I called Brennan and arranged a "free" estimate expecting to be pushed into a 'sell' job. Everything I experienced with them was completely professional, yet it felt sooo personal. Our estimator let us know that there was no such things as only 1 model to choose from. He took measurements and said that any door in his book was available. He brought out a computer generated program and we designed the doors, the glass features, the thickness of the door, the hinges, the door handles, the paint... OMG! I have NEVER been this at ease with anything I've ever purchased. The installers were beyond the best I've seen: they were on time, well presentable, courteous, and very knowledgeable. While installing our back sliding triple pane doors, he pointed out that the 'previous' door installers (probably Fox n Jacobs) did a shoddy work around whereas they installed an additional temporary platform slab because they had done some jerry-rigging to extend the door outward to save on interior space. By doing so, our installer identified the actual sliding door bottom track was actually mounted only 1" of the 3" base onto the slab. He removed all the shoddy work, and inset the door in the correct spacing so that the full bottom track of the new doors is completely on the slab -- no free floating over hang. I have had the absolute best customer service experience with this company and highly encourage anyone looking to replace their doors to use their service. Thank you for all you have done in our home and thank you for installing 2weeks before our original install date.

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