LiftSlide Doors


LiftSlide Doors

LiftSlide doors with flush tracks create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Made in USA
  • Energy Star certified to help you save energy
  • 45 years of Remodeling Excellence

Andersen's Liftslide doors are the perfect style for homeowners interested in creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Door panels glide smoothly along hardened, anodized aluminum tracks designed to withstand the test of time in harsh weather environments. 

The Liftslide door system is custom designed for each customer so you can be certain that your door will be uniquely yours. These doors can be customized to be straight, curved, and even in corners.

  • Divided Lites are available on insulated glass units
  • Screens are available for LiftSlide door systems in wood or aluminum
  • Door systems with more than two panels have a staggered head track and bottom track
  • Weather rated 3/16" flush track
  • Insect screens available
  • Express Limited Warranty


  • Configurations
  • Hardware
  • Material
  • Finishes
  • Glass
  • Track Details

Sliding Door Configurations

  • Straight

    The Straight LiftSlide door systems have been engineered and perfected for more than 25 years. 

    • Accommodates large openings
    • Panels available up to 16' tall
  • Curved

    Curved LiftSlide doors give your home a dramatic and iconic look. You'll leave guests impressed with beautiful panoramic views. 

    • Curved panels slide along a curved track for smooth operation
    • Panels available up to 12' tall
  • Corner

    Corner LiftSlide door systems create large openings and give your space a fluid and seamless feel. 

  • Pocket

    Pocket door systems slide out of your way into a pocket or along an outside wall like a barn door system. 


Permanent Handle

  • Display Image
    Milan Black
  • Display Image
    Milan Bright Brass
  • Display Image
    Milan Bright White
  • Display Image
    Milan Rustic Umber
  • Display Image
    Milan Satin Nickel
  • Display Image
    Oslo Bright White
  • Display Image
    Oslo Rustic Umber
  • Display Image
    Oslo Satin Silver

Removable Handle

  • Display Image
    Milan Black
  • Display Image
    Milan Bright Brass
  • Display Image
    Milan Bright White
  • Display Image
    Milan Metallic Dark Bronze
  • Display Image
    Milan Rustic Umber
  • Display Image
    Milan Satin Nickel
  • Display Image
    Oslo Bright White
  • Display Image
    Oslo Rustic Umber
  • Display Image
    Oslo Satin Silver
  • Need more flexibility? Removable handles work best on panels that need to fit into narrow pockets. Panels can be stacked flush to the pocket or side jamb. Weiland also offers a solid brass handle as an additional option.

Flush Handle

  • Display Image
    Telluride Brushed White Bronze
  • Display Image
    Telluride Dark Bronze
  • Display Image
    Telluride Medium Bronze
  • Display Image
    Telluride Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Display Image
    Telluride Rustic White Bronze
  • Protection & Security

    Weiland's multi-point locking system is designed to secure to door panel in a locked position. Multiple locking points result in increased security compared to standard one-point lock systems.

    • Meets ASTM F 588
    • Keyed cylinders available with certain configurations
  • Finger Pulls & Edge Pulls

    • Exterior aluminum finger pulls are standard and painted to match the sash color
    • Stainless steel is available on request at no additional charge
    • Edge pulls used for pocketing systems are stainless steel and available in either black or satin silver finish

LiftSlide Material Options

  • Aluminum & Wood

    Aluminum and wood doors are designed with an aluminum sash with wood interior cladding. The wood cladding is attached to the aluminum profile by a patented fastening system that connects them structurally while maintaining thermal performance. The result is a durable, low-maintenance exterior sash combined with the beauty and character of wood on the inside. 

    • Panel Thickness: 3-3/16"
    • Stile Width 3-1/2"
    • Max Height: 14'
  • All Aluminum

    LiftSlide all-aluminum door profiles are made with 6063 aluminum which is a stronger and harder alloy than commonly used by many other manufacturers. 

    • AAMA ratings up to 16' tall
    • Hurricane ratings up to 10-1/2' tall
    • Stronger than a standard wood liftslide door
    • Panel Thickness: 3-3/16"
    • Stile Width: 3-1/2"
  • All Wood

    All-wood LiftSlide doors offer distinct beauty. 

    • Max Height: 12' tall
    • Laminated Sash Thickness: 2-5/8"
    • Doors Up To 10' Tall
      Stile Width: 3-5/8" 
      Panel Thickness: 3-3/16"
    • Doors Between 10'-12' tall
      Stile Width: 4-3/16"
      Panel Thickness: 3-3/16"

LiftSlide Color & Finish Options

  • Aluminum Finish

    Weiland aluminum doors are protected by high-quality Kynar 500®. This resin-based coating provides protection against weathering and provides outstanding color retention. 

    • Meets AAMA 2605-05 performance requirement
    • Powder coating & anodizing are available (anodizing adds to lead time)
  • Finest Wood Species

    Choose from among the highest quality wood species available. Your wide range of choices allows you to plan beyond your doors and throughout your home.

    Wood Species

    • Mahogany
    • Douglas Fir
    • Walnut
    • Cherry
    • Alder
  • Custom Color Matching

    Find your match from among Weiland's selection of 50 exterior colors.

    Weiland also offers custom matching to any clad colors of window manufacturers. Custom color matching requires color samples and may result in higher cost or longer lead times.


Glass Options

  • Energy Efficient options to reduce heat transfer and minimize fading caused by UV rays:

    • Insulated Glass Units
    • Tempered Glass
    • Coatings: laminated, tinted, Low-E3

    You also have the choice of no glass if you would prefer to have the glazing done on site by another team. 

    Divided lites and lock rails are also available.

  • Specialty Glass

    Weiland offers specialty glass options to enhance the beauty and performance of your custom product. Glass is inspected to meet Weiland quality expectations.

    Any glass available up to 1-1/2" thick can be ordered to match other glass types available and meet necessary energy requirements. 

  • High Performance

    Weiland works with various glass suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the glass in your doors offer the highest performance.

Track Details

Flush Tracks

  • Weiland's designs feature a flush track that is only 3/16" above the finished floor. This manufacturer is a leader in progressive track designs that create beautiful transitions between indoors and outdoors. 

    • High-quality track design made from hardened, anodized aluminum
    • Resistant to denting and corrosion
    • Easy-installation
    • Improved weather resistance
    • Staggered tracks on multi-panel

Drainage Types

  • Standard Tracks with Transverse Drains

    The Weiland standard flush track was tested as part of a five panel pocketing, 16′ tall liftslide system.

    Certified under AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/1.S.2/A440 testing protocol for operating force, air leakage resistance, water penetration resistance, uniform load deflection, uniform load structural, and forced entry resistance.

  • High Performance Track

    Weiland also tested a 10′ – 8″ tall four panel pocketing liftslide system that met current Miami-Dade County hurricane requirements using Weiland’s patented full drainage track.

    The flooring used in both test systems was a smooth surface at exactly 3/16″ below the top of the track, extending into the pockets.

Product Specs

Brand Andersen
Series Sliding Doors
Interior Colors Natural Wood: Mahogany, Douglas Fir, Walnut, Cherry, Alder (for Wood interior or All Wood doors)
Exterior Colors Standard Kynar 500® finishes, +50 exterior colors, custom color matching available
Compositon Aluminum & Wood, All Aluminum, and All Wood
Construction Type Build, Remodel, Replace
Min Sizes Vary by Composition
Max Sizes Vary by Composition
Profile Thickness Vary by Composition
Stile Width Vary by Composition
Track Details Flush track, 3/16" above finished floor
Drainage Track 3/16" below the top of the track
Jamb Depth 3-9/16", may increase
Hallmark Certification Yes
NFRC Certification Yes
WDMA Member Yes
Warranty Express Limited Warranty
Broken Glass Coverage No
IG Seal Failure Coverage Varies by Glass

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