ProVia® Deluxe™ Storm Doors


ProVia® Deluxe™ Storm Doors

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Deluxe Series storm doors offer homeowners additional light, ventilation, and protection from the elements. Choose from 20 styles.

  • Made in USA
  • Energy Star certified to help you save energy
  • 44 years of Remodeling Excellence

ProVia's Deluxe Storm Doors offer additional light, ventilation, and protection from the elements. Find the perfect match for your home among ProVia's selection of 20 Deluxe storm door styles.

ProVia manufactures the countries most trusted entry doors, count on them to deliver the same level of care for your storm doors. 

  • Double seal bottom sweep
  • 11/4" x 358wide sculptured frame
  • BetterVue™ Fiberglass Screen
  • Custom sizes available
  • Pet doors available*

Protected by ProVia's Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty (includes glass breakage)

*Factory Installed - Available on Flush Doors Only

  • Features
  • Styles
  • Finishes
  • Hardware
  • Accessories

Deluxe Storm Door Construction

  • 2. Outside corners are secured to corrosion-proof gussets, for structural integrity

    3. Color matched aluminum installation screw covers enhance the appearance of your door

    4. The double bottom sweep eliminates

    5. The sculptured frame adds durability

    6. Multi-hollow construction provides greater strength and security than standard storm doors

    8. The aluminum kick panel resists rust and adds strength

    9. Corner keys provide added support to the inside of the door frame

    10. Aluminum wall thickness up to 20% thicker than the industry standard

    12. Sash/Screen secured by internal lock system or color matched polycarbonate clips

Deluxe Storm Door Standard Features

Hardware and Accessories

  • Black contemporary curve lever with deadbolt
  • 4 color matched leaf hinges with brass bushings
  • Color matched bottom expander
  • Heavy-duty color matched closer

Door Styles

  • #385

    Full View Double Prairie with Beveled Glass 
    (Includes screen*)

  • #382

    Full View with Beveled Glass 
    (Includes screen*)

  • #397

    Full View 
    (Includes screen*)

  • #391

    Full View Divided Lite 
    (Includes top screen)

  • #396-V

    One-Lite with fixed .023 gauge stainless steel screen ventilated bottom & removable sash 

    (Includes top screen*)
    (Inspirations Glass available)

  • #396


    (Includes screen*)
    (Inspirations Glass available)

  • #399-M

    Modern Self-Storing

    (Includes screen*)

  • #399


    (Includes full screen*)

  • #398-M

    Modern Hi-Lite

    (Includes top screen)

  • #398


    (Includes top screen)

  • #389-M

    Modern self-storing

    (Includes full screen*)

  • #389


    (Includes full screen*)

  • #379-C

    Colonial Self-Storing

    (Includes full screen)

  • #374-C

    Colonial Half-Lite

    (Includes screen)

  • #392

    Provincial Self-Storing

    (Includes screen)
    (With reinforced aluminum kick panel)

  • #394


    (Includes screen)
    (With reinforced aluminum kick panel)

  • #393

    Crossbuck Self-Storing

    (Includes full screen)
    (With reinforced aluminum kick panel)

  • #395


    (Includes screen*)
    (With reinforced aluminum kick panel)

  • #379


    (Includes full screen*)
    (With reinforced aluminum kick panel)

  • #374

    Flush half-lite

    (Includes screen*)
    (With reinforced aluminum kick panel)

Example Doors with Inspirations Art Glass

  • 397-VIN: Vintage (Timberland)

Storm Door Paint Process

  • ProVia's paint process is computer controlled, ensuring professional quality every time.

  • Paint is electrostatically applied with a vertical hydraulic reciprocator using a turbo disc that atomizes the paint particles for better coverage of contoured extrusions.

Storm Door Paint Colors

  • Snow Mist
  • Café Cream
  • Chateau
  • Sandpiper Beige
  • Sandstone
  • Sterling Gray
  • Clay
  • Geneva Blue
  • Forest Green
  • Mountain Berry
  • Rustic Bronze
  • Tudor Brown
  • Coal Black

Limited Colors

  • Primrose Yellow
  • Enzian Blue
  • Vallis Red

Multi-Point Mortise Hardware

  • (NOT recommended or warranted for coastal applications)

Sierra (Solid Brass Mortise)

  • DH 274
  • DH 273
  • DH 278
  • DH 266
  • Sierra Interior

Venice (Solid Brass Mortise)

  • DH 276
  • DH 275
  • DH 279
  • DH 267
  • Venice Interior
  • Mortise hardware adds a special touch to your storm door with a solid brass handleset to suit your style. Our mortise hardware conveniently allows you to use the same key for your storm door and your ProVia entry door. 

  • Table showing which Sierra and Venice hardware and finishes are available for each storm door.

Single-Point Mortise Hardware


  • Westgate Exterior
  • Westgate Interior


  • Cambridge Exterior
  • Cambridge Interior

Available Finishes

  • Brass, Nickel, Antique Brass, Bronze, Black, White
  • Table showing Cambridge and Westgate hardware and finish availability for ProVia storm doors.

Exterior Handles


  • DH 242
  • DH 241
  • DH 243
  • DH 244
  • DH 245


  • DH 252
  • DH 251
  • DH 253
  • DH 254
  • DH 255

Contemporary Curve Lever

  • DH 232
  • DH 238
  • DH 230
  • DH 226
  • DH 228
  • DH 240

Push Button

  • DH 201
  • DH 201/192

Pull Handle

  • DH 181
  • DH 182

Interior Handles

  • Windsor-Townsend Contemporary Curve
  • Push Button (DH201 & DH202)
  • Push Button (DH192) Pull Handle
  • Table showing Windsor, Townsend, Contemporary Curve, Push Button, and Pull Handle hardware style and finish availability for each storm door.


ProVia Storm Door Accessories

Dog Doors

  • Freedom Pet Door

    • Solid aluminum construction with locking panel
    • Soft single flap for tight weather seal
    • White mitered aluminum frame
    • Also available on entry doors.
    • Also available on additional storm door styles.
    • Only available with heavy-duty closer, Pet Door N/A with dual closers

    8 18" x 11 34" opening for pets up to 40 lbs.

    10 18" x 15 34" opening for pets up to 100 lbs.

    13 58" x 23" opening for pets up to 220 lbs.

    Factory Installed - Available on Flush Doors Only.

  • PlexiDor® Pet Door

    • Shatter-resistant saloon-styled door panels provide durability and insulation
    • Thermo-pane panels lined with high-density weather seal for maximum energy efficiency
    • Available in White, Silver, and Bronze frames
    • Available on the following styles: 001, 430DC-F, 430VNT-F, 430DC-EG-F, 430DC-IGT-F, 100DC, 101DC, 131DC & 306DC

    9" x 12" opening for pets up to 40 lbs.

    11 3⁄4" x 16" opening for pets up to 100 lbs.

    15 3⁄4" x 23 5⁄8" opening for pets up to 220 lbs.

    Factory Installed - Available on Flush Doors Only

Piano Hinge and Bottom Expander

  • Brass-look piano hinge and bottom expander
  • Satin Nickel piano hinge and bottom expander
  • Aged Bronze piano hinge and bottom expander
  • Easy-Set Closer

    Just a slight push on the cap and it stays open. Push door the open further and it releases. Color matched to door.

  • Magazine & Mail Slot

    Bright Brass, Satin Nickel and Aged Bronze magazine and mail slots. Available on #074, #079, #279, #374, and #379.

Product Specs

Brand ProVia
Series Deluxe
Paint Colors Snow Mist, Café Cream, Primrose Yellow, Chateau, Sandpiper Beige, Sandstone, Sterling Gray, Clay, Geneva Blue, Enzian Blue, Forest Green, Vallis Red, Mountain Berry, Rustic Bronze, Tudor Brown, Coal Black
Composition Extruded Aluminum
Construction Type Build, Remodel, Replace
InVent™ Retractable Screen System No
Bottom Sweep Double
Frame 1-1/4" x 3-5/8"
Screen Included
Screen Mesh .023 Gauge Stainless Steel
Max Height 8' (select styles only)
Warranty Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty
Screen Warranty Lifetime/15-Year
Hardware Warranty 1-Year
Labor Warranty No

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