6 Panel Black Sliding Door Installed in Dallas, TX

6 Panel Black Sliding Door Installed in Dallas, TX

All right, on this project we'll just go ahead and jump right in with the time lapse. We didn't get any kind of before footage. But in this project, it's a complete custom build. We're tearing out all of the existing windows and framing. They've got-- I guess you could call them windows. They're really just pieces of glass and wooden framing, single pane, and then this customer has a two panel sliding door. It's a steel door. It's original to the home. The home was built in the '50s.

The door's rusting, and the customer just kind of wanted an updated look and something that's more energy efficient. So in this project, we're tearing all this out, redoing the framing, putting in a new LVL header above the opening, and we're going to be putting in a four panel bi-parting sliding door and some Milgard thermal break aluminum product. And on either side of the door, we'll be putting some fixed picture windows.

So you know, like right now, this customer has just a wall of glass. But we're-- so the end result we're going to do, it's going to be very similar as far as a wall of glass, but it's going to be an updated look, a cleaner look and a more energy efficient product than what the customer has right now. So we'll let these time lapse videos go, and we'll stop and chat about some of them along the way. Thanks.

OK. So here we are on this project. It has been completed. So what we've got here is a four panel Milgard thermal break aluminum sliding door. And there's two picture windows on each side of the door. So this customer originally had this old steel sliding door. It was original to the home. The home was built in the '50s and just these old-- you could call them windows, but it was really just like framing that had like glass in between it. So the single pane, the whole thing the single pane. The steel door was rusting because of the-- since it was single pane, in the winter, it would cold and sweat, the windows and the doors. So the door was rusting.

There is kind of water stain problems and whatnot from the sweating windows. So we went in, knocked the whole thing out, put in a new header above the door, and replaced all the siding. And we also hid an electrical outlet up there, so we kind of changed that out to-- or he had a light fixture up there, so now he's got a light fixture, and we added an electrical outlet. And so we'll go in and get some detail.

OK, so we'll check out some of the detail, some of the finer points of the door and windows. So again, it's a four panel door. Let's see here. So these middle two panels that you can see here, you can see the door handles on there, they slide away from each other. It's what we'd call a bi-parting sliding door. The two panels on each side are fixed. And then the two farthest panels on each side, those are actually separate picture windows. There's some framing in between there that we've wrapped in an aluminum coil that's color matched to the product.

So this is the anodized bronze finish. So again, Milgard calls it anodized bronze. But I tell customers, I mean, it's black. A lot of other vendors, when they have a bronze finish, and it's like a dark brown, this bronze is a-- it's a true black. It is black. And it's very popular, nice contemporary look. So yeah, there's the door. We'll get a shot of me opening the door now.

OK, so we'll get a shot of me opening the door from the exterior. So here we go.

So there's the door fully opened. And we'll go ahead and close it.

And then you know, like if you want to-- if you're entertaining or whatnot, you can open up both of these panels, have a nice clear opening. Otherwise, normally, if you just normal, use the door for in and out, you don't have to open both of them.

So that's that. OK, so now we'll go up, get some detail of the hardware on the door. So these are the exterior handles, pretty plain Jane. This customer opted-- didn't get a key lock. You can get a key lock option on here. So when that happens, there's a hole punched out right here, and then like a key cylinder is in here. So you can lock and unlock the door from the exterior. But this customer didn't do that. He doesn't really use this door as like a main entry point to his home.

So that's the exterior handle. We'll go inside.

So this is the interior handle, and you can see there's a lock on one side. This is the lock. And when both doors are close together, you can throw that lock. Right now, it's locked. You slide that down. Now it's unlocked. It's a multi-point lock.

OK, so here we'll do a quick walkthrough of the interior. Again, this panel here on the far left, this is actually a picture window. And then here's the door. This is where the door starts.

And there's the door.

This is where the door ends over here. And we've got some framing in here that we've wrapped with a trim coil. And then here's your other picture window. So that's the interior. We'll go ahead, and we'll go outside.

Again, here's the exterior shot again. One thing I forgot to mention, this customer-- these doors do come with screens. This customer decided not to get the screens on the doors, which will save you a little bit of money, and he just wanted the nice clean look, no screen. You know, he didn't think he'd really open the door and leave it open very much. So he opted to not have a screen, but these doors do come with a screen if you so choose.

But yeah, that's it. That's this project. Again, it's a Milgard thermal break aluminum sliding door and picture window, bronze anodized finished. If you like the video, please give us a like or subscribe. Thanks for watching.


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