ProVia Signet Knotty Alder Front Door Review Video

ProVia Signet Knotty Alder Front Door Review Video

All right, hello and welcome to this edition of Brennan Enterprises. For this project, we'll cover a door. We actually just installed it. We don't really have any before footage,

But yeah, this is a ProVia Signet front entry door 36 by 96. So it's an 8 foot tall door. This door has a Multi-Point lock that comes standard on their 8 foot tall fiberglass doors. So we'll review the door and the hardware and go from there. Thanks.

OK, so here will kind of go over some of the finer details. Again, this is the Signet 36 by 96 front entry door. This is actually the Knotty Alder fiberglass skin species. It's got the Inspirations Lincoln glass with the double-sided silver bead, and then the privacy glass is the taffeta is what they call it-- taffeta. So that's kind of what that looks like, what that privacy glass looks like. We'll get some shots from the interior too.

And let's see. What else? This is the Truffle color. So again, this is a Knotty Alder wood species. You can see, there's a knot right there. Let's see if we can find some other ones. There's another one. There's another one. There's a few. Actually, I mean, it's a really good looking-- I mean, it's a fiberglass door. But, I mean, if you didn't tell me, I wouldn't know.

And so this is the Trilennium Multi-Point Lock. Let me reference my notes here. This is the Pinnacle Lever in Bright Brass. So that's the Pinnacle Lever exterior. And yeah, that's-- OK, so now we'll go inside, get some interior shots of the door.

OK , so it's a little bright. It's a little difficult to tell. But there's the interior of the door. You can kind of tell the privacy glass from the interior,

OK, so here we'll-- first we'll cover the interior handle. There it is-- thumb-turn deadbolt. So it'll lock the door. You just throw the deadbolt. The door is locked. And to unlock it, if you actually just rotate the handle, everything unlocks. So you can lock it. When you rotate the handle, everything unlocks.

So here we'll cover the Multi-Point Lock. Again, it's a little bright out. I know it's difficult to tell. So here's your normal deadbolt or keeper. Then on the bottom of the door, there's another keeper. And at the top of the door, there's another keeper.

So when the deadbolt is thrown, these actually extend further, as you can see here. And so when you lock the door, those keepers or deadbolts actually go in three places in the door-- here on the bottom, here in the middle, and here on the top.

And you actually see in every one of these there's this roller. And if you look at the profile of these locks, especially when they're extended, that roller rolls against this piece. And so when you close and lock the door, because of those rollers and the profile of that lock, it actually kind of pulls the door in snug, makes a nice tight fit.

And so that's kind of-- that's how the Multi-Point Lock works. And again, on the Signet with the security plate, there's a steel plate behind each one of these in the doorjamb. So if someone were to try and do a forced entry and kick in your door, not only does the Multi-Point Lock have to go through the doorjamb, the wood, it also has to break through that steel plate-- so a very solid, secure locking system with the Multi-Point Lock.

OK, so that covers it for this project. Again, it's the ProVia Signet Knotty Alder wood species door with the Trilennium Multi-Point Lock. If you like the video, please give us a like or subscribe. Thanks for watching.


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