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Painted Vinyl Window Review

Hear a replacement window testimonial from Sharon C from Arlington, TX.

One of the things we didn't care for when we did get into the house was that it was cold, and it was drafty, and I ended up buying so many fleece jackets and sweatshirts just to stay warm. I could hardly stand it.

My name is Sharon Carey, and I'm from Arlington, Texas.

I said to my husband, I don't know how many times. In fact, if I had $1 for every time that I told him how happy I was with the windows, we'd be rich.

During the installation process, both my husband and I were extremely happy. The crew came out at the time that they were scheduled, and they installed the windows.

However, during the installation process, I noticed from the exterior that I didn't care for the color of caulking, or grout, that they were putting around the window. It just didn't look right. And so I called Scott very upset, and he came over to the house within 30 minutes.

But he and the installer kept promising me that if I gave it a week, so that everything could dry, it would all come together and look great. And I was really very nervous. So I trusted them, and we have not regretted that decision one bit once everything dried. And a week later, you pull up to the house, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

We can't say that, though, because my husband-- I'm always right. OK. All right.

When Scott came out, he was able to pull out an entire color board and, in fact, gave me so many choices it was almost a hard decision to make. We did end up going back with the same color that the house was originally built in. So we were so satisfied and pleased to be able to keep the house's architectural integrity.

I'm 100% confident that we will go with Brennan again, because we've been so happy with the product we have here in the house.

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