Andersen E Series Double Hung Window Review - Dallas, TX

Andersen E Series Double Hung Window Review

So here's the front facade. You've got three windows and brick on the lower level, and then two dormer windows up top, and siding. So here we can see-- these are the original windows to the home. The home was built in 1948. So these windows are-- or no, 1941, forgive me. So these windows are nearly 80-years-old.

You can see they've got the pulley system. There's usually a lead counterweight down here that hides in your wall, that holds the weight of the glass up. And you can see the condition that the windows are in. This bottom sill was just totally rotted. The side jam, just looking in really bad shape.

You can see the pile of these old steel, iron balances. They've been sitting in the sun. They're pretty hot. I'll just grab one. So here, you can see this iron counterweight that sits in a cavity in the wall. This is the old way they were designed. They would kind of sit in the cavity. And then this string-- this rope-- would be attached here, and go through this pulley. And then it's actually attached to the sash. It's basically a counterweight that holds the weight of the glass up as you operate the window.

All right. So this is the Andersen E-Series aluminum clad wood window . So everything you see on the exterior of this window could potentially be exposed to the elements-- is a extruded aluminum with a powder coated finish. Andersen gives the option to do an AAMA, or A-A-M-A, 2604, or 2605 powder coat finish.

Some of our other competitors, the lower priced wood clad options, they actually only offer AAMA 2603, which is the lowest standard for a powder coat finish on aluminum. And again, Andersen, they offer either a 2604 or 2605. These windows have an AAMA 2604 finish. Usually the 2605 is kind of overkill for North Texas. We'd really only see that option being used in coastal regions or regions with harsh climates, such as coastal with high humidity, salt in the air, things like that.

So we'll go here for a close up. Oh, and one of the things, actually, we wanted to point out why we chose to shoot this video is the exterior trim. So like this part you see right here, this part, and then the sill nose-- this part here on the bottom. And same thing up-- again up on the side and at the top. So that's a flat exterior trim option. It's the same extruded metal, same powder coat finish as the window itself.

And one reason we really like the E-Series product is they have a lot of exterior trim options. Here in siding, we did a flat. I believe it's a 3 inch trim. And then on the windows we installed in brick, we did like a standard 2-inch brick mold. So we'll go take a look at some windows installed in brick.

So here we'll get a shot of some windows installed in brick. These haven't had the screen applied yet, so it's little easier to see the grid profile. And these have the standard 2-inch brick mold profile, because these windows are installed in brick.

So here you can actually see the grid profile. These, I believe, are a 7/8-inch STL. And the E-Series offers five different STL grid widths, and have two different profiles. This is the standard or colonial profile. They also offer like a putty or more contemporary profile, if you want the contemporary grids on your STLs. It's really a great-looking window.

OK, and here, we'll get an interior shot of the window. It's a little bright outside so the lighting might be a little tricky, but we'll try and cover it. So this one has the interior, factory painted birch bark, which is one of, I believe, 10 colors. Andersen will factory paint the interior. Otherwise, if you don't-- if you don't like one of the colors they offer, they do offer primed interior. You can then paint it whatever color you want.

They also have quite a different number of wood species to choose from. So if you want like a hardwood, like an oak or mahogany or cherry, you can actually get the cherry interior. And they'll actually factory stain it. You have a couple color choices there. If you don't like one of those, you can also just get it raw, and then stain the wood whatever color you like.

This customer opted for the birch bark interior. So again, this is factory painted. So after these are installed, you don't really need to mess with paint. There's going to be a little touch up, naturally. But you shouldn't have to mess with too much painting.

Especially it's nice with the STLs. You don't have to mask all this stuff and tape it and paint it. And so this is an interior STL profile. Again, it's the traditional or the colonial profile. They do have a more squared off, blocky, contemporary interior grill and exterior.

So these interior grills, these are wood. They're painted, obviously. The exterior grill is the extruded aluminum with a powder coat finish. So it's all nice and color matched. So on this project, all the windows we did were double-hungs. So this is the hardware. We got two locks, one on each side.

These are in the antique brass finish. Let's see if we can get this thing to-- there we go-- to focus. And so there's a little indicator here right now it's locked. Move the lock over here to the unlock position. And then when the window-- once you've raised the window a little bit, you can actually push this window-- this lock this way. I can't right now because the window's closed and fully seated.

Once you raise it a little bit, you can push this lock a little further and it'll retract a little. And this catches right here, the hook into the jamb. And you can actually tilt the window and clean the exterior glass from inside the home. And since these are double-hung, the top sash will lower as well. And you can clean that as well.

This customer opted not to do finger lifts down here on the bottom or the top. But it is an option if you'd like to do that.

All right. So that covers it for the E-Series brief video. If you enjoyed the content, please give us the like or subscribe, or leave a comment if you have any questions. Thanks.



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