Brennan Traditions Vinyl Double Hung Window Review Video

Brennan Traditions Vinyl Double Hung Window Review Video

Welcome to Brennan Enterprises, your source for everything replacement windows and doors. In this video will be covering one of our more popular product series, the Brennan traditions double hung window. In this video will be covering style, hardware, material, and color, so let's jump right in and we'll start with style. This is the Traditions double hung windows, so similar to a single hung, the bottom sash slides vertically to allow for ventilation, but one of the differentiators is that the top sash can also be operated. So you can leave the bottom closed and allow ventilation through the top, or you can raise the bottom and allow ventilation through the bottom just like a single hung window.

Next we'll be talking about hardware, so just like the Traditions single hung, these have the auto lock, so when the window is unlocked, it's unlocked. When you shut the window, the window automatically locks. Next, we'll be talking about the night latches, so you can extend these little night latches which allows you to open the window for ventilation, maybe on a cool summer night, while still having some security, even though your window is unlocked. On the double hung windows you can allow ventilation in the bottom with the night latches or you can close the bottom allow ventilation through the top.

After that we'll cover the tilt sash feature, so just like the single hung windows, this window does have a tilt sash feature. You can raise the bottom sash, tilt it in, for cleaning the exterior surface of the glass inside of your home. You can also tilt the top section so you clean that surface as well, from inside your home. This feature makes it really popular with homeowners that have two story homes that would like to be able to clean their windows from inside their home. We'll go ahead and close it up. One last thing I'd like to point out, as far as hardware, is the screen, this sample has a half screen, it's an extruded screen frame, you can slide it around, you cover the top only cover the bottom, or you can kind of leave it wherever you like. They do also offer a full screen option that covers the entire opening.

Next we'll talk about material, the traditions windows are made out of a composite vinyl material. Vinyl is a good option, because it's affordable, it's durable, and it's rot free, insects don't eat it, it's a zero maintenance material for windows, which makes it excellent for windows. And the last thing we'll cover is the color options on the windows, the windows have a standard white or almond interior and exterior color, so it's going to be the same color throughout the window. They do also have a optional upgrade option for exterior colors. So if you want to go with a two toned window, tan exterior a white interior, or a black exterior and a tan interior, that is an option that's available on the traditions window. So that about covers it, if you have any other questions you can find more product information on our website, quick links are in the description. Thank you for watching.

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