3 Ways to Decorate Your Entryway in 2018

3 Ways to Decorate Your Entryway in 2018

The entryway. The foyer. Well, whatever you'd like to call it, it's a pretty important space. This is where our guests are greeted and ultimately where our home makes its first impression. You may feel especially proud when it comes to your welcoming little room or maybe you cringe at thought of receiving company. Not to worry. These ideas below are sure to bring some envious gazes and nods of approval to any entryway.


Erin Kestenbaum is one of my favorites on Instagram. Her spaces are so lively, full of interest and color. The bright blue color she chose for the inside of the front door awakens the space. Paired with a beautiful rug and lighting feature, this is a cheerful entry that guests are sure to love. 

design by Erin Kestenbaum


These stairs immediately stopped me in my tracks, or rather my thumb scrolling through Instagram. This pattern is absolutely gorgeous and adds a fun touch to a clean palatte. It could even be accented by placing a colorful pot at the corner landing to add even more visual interest. 

design by Helmick Hacienda

If you are extra bold, try an ombre effect. Make sure to select a color that you can stand seeing (and enjoy!) each day. With a neutral surrounding space, this focus on color works nicely. 

via Mommy Shorts

Bright tables and beautiful pottery are a way to dress up your entryway. Most people are afraid to incorporate pieces with color. I guarantee, even if it feels a bit foreign to you, everyone else is going to think you are up to date with the latest style and trends. 

design by Amy Howard Home

This acrylic table is stunning. Its simple, but makes a real design statement. Because of its simplicity, you can go big with the decor (i.e. the books, pottery, art). And who doesn't love the storage basket underneath? I'm a sucker for all things storage. 

design by Brooke Chamblee


You don't have to give up because you little to no room in your entryway. Here are a few tips: 

-Small table. If you have the ability, find a small table to place in this space. Functionally, it provides a landing spot for keys...and possibly a cute potted plant or vase.

-Art. Add some fun pieces to create interest when people walk in. 

-Mirror and a basket. By adding a mirror and a basket, you give your family members a place to do a quick check before leaving the house. The basket provides a place to leave shoes, umbrellas, etc. 

-Rugs. Rugs CREATE spaces. Even a smaller rug, when pleasing to the eye, can create a fun and inviting landing spot.


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