Andersen 100 Series vs A Series - Replacement Windows Review

Andersen 100 Series vs A Series - Replacement Windows Review

Not all windows are the same but the difference is sometimes hard to understand when comparing two similar options. In this article, we’re comparing two Andersen window series that will give you an idea of what you can get from opposite ends of the cost spectrum.

We’ll cover the following topics:

Construction and Durability

Style and Beauty

Value and Delivery


100 Series

  • Fibrex® composite

Products in the 100 Series are made of a composite material Andersen calls Fibrex. Fibrex is made of a combination of reclaimed wood fiber and PVC polymer. It is twice as strong as vinyl, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.

It is environmentally friendly because it is made of recycled materials. By reusing wood and PVC fibers Andersen is keeping materials that carry adhesives, paint, primer, and other contaminants out of landfills and incinerators.

Maintenance for windows made of this material is very low. A regular cleaning and an annual wash to remove any accumulated debris are all these windows need.

Andersen 100 Series corner cut


  • Wood interior with Fibrex and fiberglass exteriors

A-Series windows are wood clad windows with Fibrex and fiberglass composite exterior. Wood windows have a unique beauty to them that can’t be matched by vinyl or aluminum materials but each of these materials has their positive and negative aspects.

Wood, for instance, is susceptible to insects, rot, and warping that’s why so many manufacturers offer cladded windows. Clad is a covering that protects another surface. The A-Series is a clad wood window protected by a Fibrex and fiberglass exterior.

The interior of the A-Series windows will eventually require more upkeep but for the first few years after installation, they’ll just require a regular cleaning. The exterior of the windows are more low-maintenance than the interior and should remain so until they reach the end of their lifespan. Like the 100 Series, the exterior of these windows should be washed annually to remove any accumulated debris and to inspect for any irregularities either in or around the window.

Andersen A Series corner cut


Andersen 100 Series and A-Series windows are available for both new construction and replacement projects.


100 Series

Standard sizes for double-hung windows are up to 4’ wide and 7’6” high with custom sizes available in 1/8” increments


Standard sizes for double-hung windows are up to 4’ wide and 8’ high with custom sizes available in 1/8” increments.

Energy Efficiency

100 Series

Products in the 100 Series are able to meet ENERGY STAR® certifications with the right glass package and a proper installation.

The 100 Series is made of Fibrex material which is an excellent insulator and has far better thermal performance than aluminum. It is also thermally on par with a product like vinyl. 


The A-Series is Andersen’s best performing energy efficient window. ENERGY STAR® recognizes A-Series windows as some of the most efficient residential window models available in the U.S. and Canada.

Wood has better thermal performance than Fibrex, fiberglass, and vinyl, however, it is the glass that makes the biggest difference in energy efficiency. We’ll go over glass options further into this article.


There are several style options available for both of these series but you’ll find more options available in the 100 Series. If you’re leaning toward the A-Series for a wood window but see a style available for the 100 Series that isn’t available for the A-Series you’ll want to look into Andersen’s 400 Series or E-Series, two additional wood window options.

Illustration of awning windows Illustration of bay or bow

Illustration of casement window Illustration of double-hung window

Illustration of single-hung windows Illustration of sliding or gliding window

Illustration of a picture window

100 Series

Awning + Bay or Bow + Casement + Picture + Single-hung + Gliding (sliding) 


Awning + Casement + Double-hung + Picture


Grilles, or grids, are intended to give your windows are more classic look. Grilles are available for both series in patterns that will complement nearly any style of home. Andersen also offers grille patterns to match popular architectural styles and custom patterns for windows in the A-Series. 

In addition to several pattern options there are four types of grilles available:

Full Divided Light

  • 100 Series
  • A-Series
  • They give your window the most authentic look with grilles on the exterior and interior sides of the window as well as an aluminum spacer between the sheets of glass. The spacer creates the illusion that there are individual panes of glass instead of one sheet. 
    Illustration of full divided light grilles from Andersen.

Simulated Divided Light

  • 100 Series
  • A-Series
  • This option is similar to the Full Divided Light as it has grilles on the exterior and interior sides of the window. The exterior grille is permanent and the interior grilles can be permanent or removable. There is no divider between the glass in this option.
    Illustration of simulated divided light grilles from Andersen.

Finelight Grilles Between-the-Glass

  • 100 Series
  • A-Series
  • This option places the grilles between the panes of glass making it easy to clean the exterior and interior sides of the window glass.
    Illustration of finelight grilles between-the-glass from Andersen.

Removable Interior Grille

  • A-Series
  • This grille is secured on the interior side of the window so you can remove it when you want to clean your full window.
    Illustration of removable interior grilles from Andersen.


Glass makes has the biggest impact on the energy efficiency of your window so it’s important to choose carefully in order to maximize your energy savings.

Table of Andersen glass packages: SmartSun; Low-E4/Low-E; Triple-Pane (with Low-E coatings); Clear Dual Pane.

100 Series

SmartSun + SmartSun with HeatLock Coating + Low-E + Low-E with Heatlock Coating + Clear Dual-Pane


SmartSun + SmartSun with HeatLock Coating + Low-E4/Low-E + Low-E4 with HeatLock Coating + Sun + PassiveSun + Triple-Pane


100 Series

Andersen 100 Series Hardware Colors and Finishes 

Hardware for single-hung and gliding windows is available in 3 style options and 6 colors.

Lock and Lift/Pull options come in the same color as chosen for the window.

Andersen 100 Series lock Andersen 100 Series sash lift/pull 

Slim Line Metal hardware is available in White, Sandtone, Dark Bronze, Black, Satin Nickel, and Antique Brass.

Andersen 100 Series Slim Line hardware 

Hardware for casement and awning windows are the standard folding hardware plus single-action casement locks. Color options include White, Sandtone, Dark Bronze, Black, Satin Nickel, and Antique Brass.

Andersen 100 Series awning and casement window hardware 


Andersen 400 Series Hardware Finishes

Hardware options for awning and casement windows include traditional folding hardware and contemporary folding hardware. Andersen also offers a window opening control device kit that limits how far the sash will open.

Andersen A series and 400 series traditional hardware Andersen A series and 400 series contemporary hardware Andersen window opening control device kit that limits how far the sash will open

The standard option for a double-hung window is a Lock & Keeper. Andersen also offers a traditional hand lift, bar lift, and finger lifts as well as a contemporary bar lift.

Andersen casement window hardware Andersen classic casement and awning window hardware

Tilt Sash

Andersen offers an “Easy Tilt-to-Clean” feature on some of its double-hung windows. The tilt sash can unlatch from the frame and swing-down so that cleaning with window glass doesn’t involve having to go outside. 

This feature is not available in the 100 Series but it is available in the A-Series.

Andersen example of a tilt sash

Exterior Colors

100 Series

Andersen 100 Series windows exterior colors


Andersen offers 11 color options for the exterior of the products in the A-Series. The great thing about the color options on this series is that you’re not limited to just one color. You are able to customize the look of your window to fit your house even more by combining different colors for the sash, frame, and trim.

Andersen A-Series exterior colors

Interior Finishes

100 Series

Andersen 100 Series Interior window colors


With the A-Series you have several options in wood species, interior stains, and paint colors.

A-Series Wood Species

Andersen A-Series wood species

Andersen A-Series wood species

A-Series Wood Stains

Interior finishes are only available on Pine, Maple, and Oak. Cherry, Mahogany, and Vertical Grain Douglas Fir are only available unfinished.

Andersen A-Series wood stains

A-Series Interior Colors

Andersen A Series Interior Paint Colors


The A-Series is one of Andersen’s luxury lines making it much more expensive than windows in the 100 Series which is part of Andersen’s core product lines.

100 Series





Andersen provides Owner 2 Owner Limited Warranties on Andersen windows, doors, hardware, and other accessories.

Andersen 100 Series Owner 2 Owner Limited Warranty

Andersen A-Series Owner 2 Owner Limited Warranty


Lead-time is the time it takes to get a window ordered, made, and delivered. The time can vary depending on the materials or time of year. 

100 Series

3-4 weeks


5-6 weeks 

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This article outlined some of the major differences between two of Andersen's window series hopefully we were able to address any questions you had. If you're interested in learning more about windows check out our related articles or learn more about these series on their product pages. 

Andersen 100 Series Windows

Andersen A-Series Windows


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