Andersen A Series vs 400 Series Wood Windows - Replacement Windows Review

Andersen A Series vs 400 Series Wood Windows - Replacement Windows Review

As the largest window and door manufacturer in North America, Andersen offers a ton of options.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics between Andersen’s A-Series and 400 Series - two of Andersen's best-selling product lines.

The A-Series was designed with architectural style in mind. The 400 series, Andersen’s most popular with their longest-standing products, provides the best overall blend of performance and style to satisfy a variety of window needs.

Our comparison will feature:

  • Materials
  • Construction
  • Sizes
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Styles
  • Grilles
  • Glass
  • Tilt Sash
  • Hardware
  • Exterior Colors
  • Interior Color
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Lead Time

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The durable materials of these clad windows give you two low-maintenance and cost-saving options. Clad windows have a wood frame with an exterior cover such as fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum.


Interior - Wood

Exterior - Fiberglass and Fibrex

The interior window sash and frames are constructed of solid wood. Fiberglass and Fibrex material are used for the exterior sash. Fibrex is a combination of reclaimed wood fiber and PVC polymer. It’s twice as strong as vinyl, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. An annual wash is all these windows need.

Andersen A Series corner cut

400 Series 

Interior - Wood

Exterior - Vinyl

400 Series are vinyl-clad windows. The vinyl exterior protects the frame, resists dents, repels water, and seal out elements. Additionally, Perma-Shield technology used in the exteriors means they’ll never need to be repainted and won’t peel, blister, flake, or corrode.


Both A-Series and 400 Series windows are available for new and replacement window projects.



Double-Hung windows are available up to 4’ wide and 8’ high. Custom sizes are also available in 1/8” increments.

400 Series

Double-Hung windows are available up to 3'10-1/8" wide and 7'8-7/8" high with custom sizes available in 1/8" increments.

Energy Efficiency

New and well-installed replacement windows should always be more energy efficient than those being replaced, but glass also affects energy efficiency. In fact, glass can affect energy efficiency more than any other part of a window or patio door.

Not all glass insulates the same. Andersen offers one of the industry’s widest array of glass options, so you’re sure to find the right choice for your climate and your home.


The A-Series is Andersen’s best performing energy efficient window. The windows in this series have been recognized by ENERGY STAR as some of the most efficient residential window models available in the U.S. and Canada.

400 Series

Weather-resistant construction means greater comfort and more energy efficiency. These windows, like those in the A-Series, have weather stripping designed to seal out drafts, wind, and water.


Awning window illustration Casement window illustration

Double-hung window illustration Sliding or gliding window illustration

Picture window illustration


Available in four popular styles: awning, casement, double-hung, picture. The A-Series also offers 34 specialty shapes.

400 Series 

This series offers a variety of window options such as awning, casement, double-hung, gliding (sliding), picture. The 400 Series offers 20 specialty shape windows.

Additional customization is available in hardware and hardware finishes, grilles and grille patterns, and interior and exterior window finishes.


Grilles (or grids) are an aesthetic touch that gives your window a more traditional look. Before technology made creating large panes of glass a possibility, glass for windows was made in small individual pieces that were joined together by window grilles.

Andersen offers 4 grille patterns to match popular architectural styles as well as custom patterns.

Each of the below patterns is available for both the A-Series and 400 Series.

Finelight Grilles Between-the-Glass

  • This option places the grilles between the panes making the interior and exterior glass easy to clean. 
    Finelight between the glass window grilles

Full Divided Light

  • Grilles are applied to the interior and exterior sides of the window. A divider between the glass creates an illusion of individual panes for an authentic look.

    Full divided light grilles

Removable Interior Grilles

  • Grilles are fastened on the interior side of the window making them easy to remove and thoroughly clean the glass.

    Removable window grilles


Simulated Divided Light

  • Similar to the Full Divided Light option, grilles are applied on the exterior and interior sides of the window. The interior grille can be removable, or permanent. The exterior grille is permanent. There is no divider between the glass.
    Simulated divided light window grilles


Remember, glass can affect energy efficiency more than any other part of a window. After reviewing the options of each the A-Series and 400 Series, take a look at the overview of Andersen’s energy performance by glass option below.

Both the A-Series and 400 Series offer the following options:

  • Low-E4
  • Low-E4 with Heatlock Coating
  • PassiveSun
  • SmartSun
  • SmartSun with Heatlock Coating
  • Sun

The A-Series also offers Triple-Pane glass.

Table of Andersen glass packages

Tilt Sash

The sash holds the glass that moves up and down when you open the window. On a tilt sash, that part can unlatch from the frame and swing-down. With a tilt sash, you have the option of cleaning the exterior of your window from inside your home.

Tilt sash options are limited to only some of Andersen's window products including Double-Hung windows in the 400 Series and A-Series.

Example of tilt sash window


Hardware finishes for A-Series and 400 Series windows are available in the options below:

Andersen A Series and 400 Series hardware finishes

A-Series Hardware for Awning and Casement Windows

These include traditional folding hardware and contemporary folding hardware. Andersen also offers a window opening control device kit that limits how far the sash will open.

Andersen A Series and 400 Series hardware  Andersen A Series and 400 Series hardware Andersen A Series and 400 Series hardware

400 Series Hardware for Casement and Awning Windows

Options for the 400 Series include the same Traditional Folding Lock & Keeper and the Contemporary Folding Lock & Keeper available with the A-Series plus the Estate Lock & Keeper and the Classic Series Lock & Keeper. Not shown are compact, easy grip, and child-safety hardware styles.

Andersen Estate Lock & Keeper Andersen Classic Series Lock & Keeper

A-Series Hardware for Double-Hung Windows

The standard option for a double-hung window is a Lock and Keeper. Andersen also offers a traditional hand lift, bar lift, and finger lifts as well as a contemporary bar lift.

Andersen A series and 400 series traditional window liftsAndersen contemporary bar lift 

400 Series Hardware for Double-Hung

Andersen offers the same hardware options for the 400 Series double-hung window as it does for the A-Series plus the additional Estate Lock & Keeper.

Andersen Estate Lock & Keeper

Exterior Colors 

In addition to the standard options below, customization is available through combining different colors for the sash, frame, and trim of your windows to fit the look of your home.


Andersen A Series exterior colors

400 Series

Andersen 400 Series exterior paint colors

Interior Colors 


Several options in wood species, interior stains and paint colors are available.

Wood Species

Andersen A Series windows wood species

Andersen A Series windows wood species

Wood Stains

Interior finishes are only available on Pine, Maple, and Oak. Cherry, Mahogany, and Vertical Grain Douglas Fir are only available unfinished.

Andersen A Series wood stains
Interior Paint Colors

Andersen A Series interior paint colors

400 Series

Andersen 400 Series interior window finishes 




A feature of Andersen’s luxury windows and doors collection, the A-Series is on the pricier end of windows.

400 Series


To request a price estimate call us at 817-860-9767 or complete our contact form at the bottom of this page. 


A-Series and 400 Series windows are each covered by Andersen's Owner 2 Owner Limited Warranties.


Lead-time for a product depends on the materials and can vary depending on the time of year. These estimates include placement, creation, and shipment of an order.


5-6 weeks

400 Series

4-6 weeks

We hope you found this comparison review helpful. If you're interested in learning more about these window series check out their product pages, listed below, or reach out to us with any questions.

Andersen A-Series

Andersen 400 Series

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