Arched Window Problems

Arched Window Problems

An arched window is a window with one side that forms a semi-circle, typically the top. There are often rectangular windows positioned below the semi-circle. There are a variety of designs that the arched window can come in, and it's not always one solid piece of glass at the top. With each window style, there are potential drawbacks you need to be aware of, and that stands true with an arched window.

Arched Window Problems

Arched windows are not a very common window type in modern homes. Many homes that feature this kind of window are quite a bit older, coming from the Anglicized versions of Italian architecture during the 18th century. If you find yourself in a home with arched windows or are considering them as part of your home's new design, here are some potential drawbacks you should know.


Leaking is the biggest problem with an arched window. Leaking is caused by a lack of flashing between the window and the wall frame. Flashing is always installed on a regular rectangle window but often doesn't fit an arch. Instead, a builder will often use caulk to weatherproof the seal between the window and wall. However, caulk only lasts for about five years in an application like this. After this, you will need to reseal the arch of the window with caulk. It would be best if you resealed your arched window↗ even more frequently to catch it before it starts leaking.

Non-Traditional Means Limited Window Accessories

The non-traditional shape of an arched window means you will have some issues finding window accessories to suit that aren't costly. For example, if you want to have the option to shade over the window for privacy or to stop light will require an arched rod or customized blinds from a specialized company. A straight rod over the top of an arched window will inevitably detract from the elegance of the window.

Lack of Modernizing Solutions

Because of the age of many arched windows in old houses, it can be challenging to find window suppliers that craft options to suit the window. That means that when the time comes to replace the window or modernize the glass or fitting, it can be difficult to source a company. Even if it takes a while to find a manufacturer, be sure to buy and install your windows through a reputable company. Poor installation can cause even more problems with these windows, mainly since this window style often creates more complications than usual.

Finding the right manufacturer for you and your arched windows can seem overwhelming. If you want some direction or advice, take a look at this post on Questions You Should Ask Your Window or Door Salesperson.


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