Are Window Replacements Covered by Homeowners Insurance?
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Are Window Replacements Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Sometimes, things happen your windows may end up breaking. Whether it's a neighborly accident or a natural weather disaster, many people wonder exactly what damage does insurance cover?

Well, in most cases, you will only win a successful window replacement insurance claim if the damages are caused by the peril covered. This means that if your home policy only covers storms, the insurer won't pay for damages caused by floods.

Below is an explanation of what's covered and what's not covered by home insurance to help you get a clear picture.

4 instances when window damage is usually covered by insurance 

The home insurance policy covers three primary perils, namely:

1. Weather Disasters 

It’s common for damage caused from weather incidents to be covered by your homeowner's insurance. It’s important to review your policy to verify, but weather elements like lightning, hurricanes, windstorms, hail, and lightning strikes fall under this category.

Catastrophe insurance is another option that is essentially an insurance add-on that not only covers natural disasters but also other incidents such as riots. 

2. Vandalism

In the U.S., the standard home insurance automatically covers windows for vandalism. These are damages resulting from deliberate destruction by a person or a group of persons for reasons best known to them. 

It could be your neighbor stripping your patio door blinds and shattering your window to express anger or frustration, or even a break-in. Always document the damages beforehand and file a police report to help expedite your window insurance claim.

3. Theft

Theft is the most common type of peril included in a home insurance window coverage. This includes damages like shattered panes caused by burglary or instances where the window or its component is entirely stolen. 

However, you should know that theft as a peril is subject to certain limits. For example, some policies will require proof of forced entry to verify theft as a peril. These can be shattered windows, a drill around a deadbolt, a broken lock, or a warping around the window or door frame.

Window damage due to theft (typically resulting from a broken window entering the home) is covered under vandalism. 

4. Liability Insurance for Damages by Third Parties

In window coverage, liability insurance applies when another person breaks your window unwillingly, which is the exact opposite of vandalism. 

The clearest example would be if your neighbor's child hits your window with a ball, shattering the panes into pieces. Your neighbor's insurance should cover all the damages in such an instance. 

In the U.S., liability insurance is part of standard home insurance. It's meant to cover or protect the insured (policyholder) whenever they're found to be legally responsible for an act or damages liable for fines. If the neighbor doesn't have liability insurance, ask them to pay for the repairs directly.

Window damages that are usually not covered by insurance

Home insurance for a window doesn't apply under the following circumstances:

General wear and tear

Home insurance coverage for windows typically does not cover damages resulting from gradual wear and tear. This means that if any part of your window deteriorates or breaks, then it will be an out-of-pocket expense to get your window repaired or replaced.

Additionally, the standard home insurance may not cover wear and tear resulting from specific types of damages, like mold or termites. We advise you to check with your insurance provider for any specialized insurance or additional coverage.

Windows not performing as well with age

Standard home insurance doesn't cover damages that come with age, like your window allowing drafts or not sealing properly. Most insurance providers consider aging in windows due to natural wear and tear. Be sure to check the terms of your policy and understand what types of risks your policy covers and what's excluded.

Accidental breakage

Accidental damages are covered by standard home insurance only if they result from perils covered under your plan or personal liability cases. However, unintentional breakages of your own doing like accidentally shattering your window, are not covered.   

Considering your deductible

So, does home insurance cover window replacement? The simple answer is yes. But before you decide on any course of action, take some time to review whether paying deductibles may be more expensive than repair bills. Depending on your deductible and policy, the repairs may be cheaper to fix out of pocket rather than filing a claim.

For information about window replacement repairs,  warranty, and claims, you can read more here. You can purchase casement replacement windows from window retailers like us to get access to quality replacement window brands to help make your purchase.

March 16, 2023


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