Awning vs Picture Window Styles

Awning vs Picture Window Styles

There are all kinds of window styles you can work with when you replace the windows in your home. Two window styles that can fill certain similar gaps in spaces in your home are awning windows and picture windows. This article compares the two and identifies the situations when choosing an awning or a picture window to help make your decisions easier.

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Awning vs Picture Window Styles

What is an awning window?

An awning window is quite popular among modern homeowners since it provides a practical option for hard-to-reach areas. They fold out, either by cranking or pushing them open, to form an awning-like structure outside, typically opening outwards to a 45-degree angle.

Awning windows will have a single sash with no dividers. That means that this style of window offers you entirely unobstructed views of the outdoors. It also optimizes the amount of sunlight you get into your home as well.

The primary disadvantage of an awning window is the space it takes up outside once you crank it out. If it is at ground level, it can present a danger for those passing by the window, particularly in high traffic areas like a patio or sidewalk next to the house.

Since the window doesn't simply slide open or move up and down, more parts can malfunction. The mechanical cranks on an awning window are subject to wear and tear. If you decide to invest in one of these windows, you should make sure you can find replacement parts should the crank wear out before the window does.

What is a picture window?

Pictures windows are non-functional windows. They are also called fixed windows. You cannot open the window. Instead, there is one window sash that contains a large piece of glass. There are no dividers inside the window, allowing the maximum amount of light and giving you an unimpeded view of the outdoors. Since it can't function, it will not help you ventilate your home. 

Since the window is permanently sealed, they are often the most energy-efficient choice. There is no need for the seals on the sliding parts to work well since they are solidly sealed all the way around. Due to fewer parts to manufacture, picture windows tend to be one of the more affordable window styles.

When Should I Choose Awning Windows?

You can use awning windows in a wide variety of situations. However, they are best suited in specific situations, including:

  • Use them in an area of your home that you are worried about intruder access. Awning windows are more secure against intruders than many other kinds of windows, especially compared to picture windows.
  • Put in an awning window if you live in a rainy area where you want to keep the windows open for ventilation but prevent water from coming into the house, such as in a bathroom.
  • Use an awning window in a basement or below-grade applications where you only have small spaces for windows to ventilate a downstairs space.

When Should I Choose Picture Windows?

Picture windows are a great choice in situations including:

  • Rooms or spaces in which you don't need extra ventilation and want the highest energy efficiency.
  • An affordable window solution to a large space.
  • You want to open up a space and maximize the amount of sunlight coming into the room.

We suggest NOT putting picture windows in a south-facing wall in a warm, sunny climate. The reason is that with such a wide viewing space, the window can make the room behind it uncomfortably warm. 

Choosing between a picture window and an awning window can be difficult, depending on the kind of space you have available. Other times, it will be a clear-cut choice once you understand the differences between them.

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