Best Modern Farmhouse Transformations on Instagram

Best Modern Farmhouse Transformations on Instagram

 Over the past few years, we’ve watched as professional remodelers and interior designers like Chip and Joanna Gaines↗ have transformed homes with a modern farmhouse style. It’s safe to say the modern farmhouse has established itself as a contemporary style that will continue to inspire home decorators in 2020. 

The modern farmhouse has a huge following on Instagram. It’s easy to find inspiration and follow along with homeowners in the process of remodeling their own homes. In this post, we’ve picked 5 of our favorite modern farmhouse Instagram accounts. Take a look below for a peek at these home designer’s progress and find inspiration for your own full remodel or decor tips.


We Lived Happily Ever After

Hannah Hathaway’s @WeLivedHappilyEverAfter Instagram profile is a giant inspiration board. Hannah gives us a peek into her home remodel process, decor inspiration, DIY projects, and more. For a closer look at how Hannah transformed her home into the beauty that it is today, take a look at her stories. 

Instagram: @welivedhappilyeverafter↗


Texas Forever Farmhouse

This next Texas homeowner started sharing her new construction farmhouse build in 2017. Ryan’s Instagram account @TexasForeverFarmhouse documents the complete transformation of her home from the day they broke ground to today. This is a great account to follow because Ryan shares her complete thought process including photos of her inspiration pieces. 

Instagram: @texasforeverhome↗


Farmhouse by Southern Charm Design

This Georgia farmhouse remodeler took on the biggest modern farmhouse revival project I’ve seen yet and it’s magical. As professional flippers, the homeowners of this next farmhouse are experts and were able to completely transform this 5,000 square foot house in eight months. Take a look at their Instagram page or journey blog↗ to see the complete transformation, baby goats, rescue horse, and donkeys included! 

Instagram: @farmhousebysoutherncharmdesign↗


Fargo Farmhouse

Fargo Farmhouse has been such a fun transformation to follow as well. Lauren went with a similar white exterior we’ve seen on other homes in this list but chose Andersen black on black windows and matching sliding patio doors that look absolutely stunning in her family’s new construction modern farmhouse. The colonial grid details on the upper sashes of the windows add an extra touch of charm that’s notable from the interior and exterior of the home. Visit the Fargo Farmhouse Instagram page to learn more about Lauren’s design choices.

Instagram: @fargofarmhouse

Shop Andersen: Windows or Doors


1900 Stone Farmhouse

Tessah’s 1900 stone farmhouse is an absolute must-follow. She’s completely transformed her old farmhouse and did a beautiful job working with the original stone walls. The 1900 stone farmhouse is a beautiful modern home with lots of shiplap, exposed stone walls, and corrugated aluminum ceilings. Tessah’s Instagram account has tons of photos and video walkthroughs of the renovation process, it’s the perfect place to go for inspiration for your next project. 

Instagram: @1900stonefarmhouse↗



For more inspiration follow the #modernfarmhouse hashtag on Instagram↗.


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