Creating a Contemporary Entry with Milgard Ultra Doors

Creating a Contemporary Entry with Milgard Ultra Doors

Creating a Contemporary Look with Milgard Doors and Andersen Windows

There are a lot of elements on the outside of your home that affect curb appeal. Aesthetically, our first thoughts might go to landscaping, siding, and colors but let’s not forget about windows and doors! 

In this post, we’ll tell you about some updates we made to one of our client’s homes. You’ll also learn about some of the features of these products.

For a better view, watch the video below. Kyle, our in-house product expert, will walk you through the finished project.

This house got a nice facelift!

Take a look at the house before the window and door remodel. 

Prior to the remodel, the house had cream-color double doors with half glass panels. The glass in the doors had diamond-pattern grids and decorative glass in the transom as well. 

The style of the door was completely different than the clear, sleek, gridless picture windows in the front of the house. In the photo above you can see the only thing really bringing it all together are the arches over the windows and the arched transom.

Unfortunately, the arches actually clash with the straight lines on the rest of the house and even worse there was water leaking behind the brick on the arches creating additional problems. 

Our team went in and removed the brick arches, re-did the roof in that area, and squared it off creating nice clean lines. Complimenting the new rooflines were the customer’s choices in windows and doors. 

Milgard Ultra Hinged Patio Door

For the front entrance, we installed a Milgard Ultra hinged patio door with a transom window. The door was a pre-hung unit with the transom already attached.

One thing that’s really nice about this product from Milgard is that the stiles of the door match the width of the transom window’s frame above it creating clean continuous sightlines. 

The color

Black Bean. Black Bean was used for the interior and exterior finish.

The grids

Standard Vintage simulated divided lite (SDL) grids creating a three-lite pattern on each door panel. The standard vintage SDL measures 1-⅛” wide. 


The hardware

The hardware is in a Slate Black finish, so it’s just slightly different than the Black Bean of the door but just noticeable enough to give the door a bit more dimension. 

The door has a multi-point lock. Multi-point locks have multiple latching points when the door is locked instead of your standard single-point lock. 


The material

Pultruded fiberglass. Pultruded fiberglass is a composite material known for being a durable, strong, and lightweight product. Pultruded products have additional benefits(↗) making them a great option for construction projects like home building materials. These benefits include resistance to corrosion and heat as well as being low-maintenance. 

Is it OK to use different brands?

Yes! Absolutely, as long as the products complement each other and achieve the look that you want it’s perfectly OK to use products from different manufacturers.

In this project, we used Milgard doors and Andersen windows. Bringing products from these manufacturers together was easy because we bought different products from each brand (windows from one and a door from the other) and they each were installed in separate parts of the house.

You usually won’t have a problem mixing complementing products anywhere in a house but if you use windows from different brands in one room, say the living room, you’ll probably notice some differences. In that situation, it’s best to stick to one brand so that all the lines, hardware, and colors match.

However, you can get away with using different brands for the same types of products when they aren’t in the same room. We did that in another project(↗) where we installed Milgard casement windows and Marvin french casement windows. 

It worked because the exterior colors were very similar and they weren’t right next to each other. From the interior, the windows were in different rooms so guests are unlikely to notice any differences aside from style.

To watch more of our installation projects head over to Brennan’s YouTube channel(↗). All of our installations are local to the North Texas area.

If you live in Dallas or Fort Worth area and are interested in Andersen products for your home feel free to reach out to us by phone at 817-860-9767 or fill out this form to have one of our representatives call you to set up a free consultation.

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