ProVia's Best Selling Entry Door

ProVia's Best Selling Entry Door

ProVia is one of our favorite front door manufacturers. They sell amazing products and provide great customer service. 

From the moment their doors arrive you can tell that they put a lot of care into the products they make and that's why we continue to offer them to our customers. 

They offer several front door options but not all doors are the same even if they're made by the same company. So what is our best selling ProVia entry door? 

It's the Legacy Steel door.

Looking at the numbers I was actually surprised that the Legacy door was the most popular among our customers because ProVia is so well known for their fiberglass doors. But it makes a lot of sense, not only is it a great quality door but homeowners and business owners generally really appreciate the level of security steel doors offer.

Benefits of Steel Doors

Steel doors are known for their strength and the security they offer. Though they’re more common in industrial and commercial applications they are also becoming increasingly popular in residential applications because, well, who wouldn’t want the benefits of steel doors?

  • More affordable than wood doors
  • More durable than wood doors
  • Low-maintenance
  • Resistant to rust, cracking, and bowing
  • Energy-efficient polyurethane core
  • Usually available in 20-26 gauge steel

Legacy Steel Door

ProVia’s Legacy door is available in multiple styles with lots of color and hardware options. Its construction makes it a professional-class product and it’s always being improved.

The current Legacy door features composite top endcaps for rigidity and energy efficiency; special adhesives that act as a thermal barrier to reduce heat and cold transfer; a tab and slot system of mechanical interlocks on the lock stile that strengthens the door; and the face skin of the door is a continuous piece of 20-gauge steel.

Plus, depending on how you customize your door, ProVia Legacy Steel doors are generally comparable in price to ProVia’s Heritage Fiberglass door. 

Front entry steel black front doors with glass slots and nickel hardware.

How Long Has ProVia Offered Steel Doors?

ProVia has a long history in the home improvement industry. They’ve been around since 1977 and experienced a lot of growth before adopting the name ProVia. 

And although they’re known for their fiberglass doors, ProVia has actually offered steel doors for much longer than they’ve offered fiberglass doors. Steel doors were introduced in 1978 and fiberglass entry doors were added in 1992.

(By the way, fiberglass doors are definitely a great and energy-efficient option! ProVia actually manufactures the most energy-efficient fiberglass door available in the U.S.)

The Legacy series has been recognized as a “Best Buy” premium steel door and its design has continued to improve with patented features. So in addition to the general benefits of steel entry doors, ProVia’s doors go further to provide homeowners with doors that offer beauty, security, and durability.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Legacy Steel Door or other ProVia products explore our online catalog.


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