ProVia Endure Sliding Patio Door Review

ProVia Endure Sliding Patio Door Review

ProVia is one of our go-to door vendors especially when homeowners ask us for front door recommendations but we also are big fans of their patio doors and storm doors. In this short post, we’ll go over some of the features of ProVia’s Endure Patio Doors.

For a closer look at the details and functionality of an Endure door watch the video below. Kyle, one of our in-house product experts and product advocates, goes over some of the doors features and shows you a timelapse of the installation.

So what stands out about ProVia’s Endure door? A few things:

The packaging

To be fair, this really applies to all of ProVia’s products. We usually work with their doors and think ProVia does a really great job of packing them so that they arrive safely to our warehouse.

Our technicians usually pick up our client’s products and transport them to the construction site so knowing that the product is protected is really important to us. Not all building product manufacturers invest as much care into this part of the “product” as ProVia does which is unfortunate because products can end up damaged and scratched when being transported.

Patented sliding system

ProVia’s vinyl doors feature a patented sliding system that includes four adjustable 1” wheels per panel. This design ensures smooth, easy, and quiet operation.

The Endure door also includes a heavy-duty aluminum screen frame that is suspended by ball bearing rollers along the top of the door frame. Having the screen rolling along a track at the top part of the door makes a big difference in the performance of the screen and its longevity. Screens are made of lower quality components and roll along bottom tracks which can get dirty and make it difficult to slide open and shut. 

Locking system

The standard lock on this door is a proprietary design from ProVia, it’s called AccuVent™. The lock is operated by a sash lever and has a top-mounted ratchet rail which allows the owner to lock the door while also allowing controlled ventilation. Additionally, the actual door lock is a multi-point lock that locks into two points instead of one.

Construction & Features

One of the best things about working with a manufacturer like ProVia is that the door is custom made for your home. ProVia offers lots of customization options that allow you to create a door that really meets your needs. 

Below are a few options for the vinyl Endure Sliding Patio Door.


Sliding glass doors are the most popular patio door style. They bring in a lot of natural light, they’re easy to operate, and they don’t take up too much space.

Multiple panel width, height, and configuration options mean you can choose between a standard option like a two-panel door or you can create something much more eye-catching like a four-panel door. 

Color Options

This vinyl door offers classic woodgrain interiors and solid outdoor colors. 


Choose between standard keyless hardware or hardware with keylock.




Grids add a decorative touch to doors and windows. ProVia offers flat and dimensional grids in multiple patterns.

Blinds Between the Glass

Doors with blinds between the glass can be a great option for homeowners who want long-lasting window treatments. They do come with their own benefits and drawbacks which you can learn more about in this post:

To learn more about ProVia products check out the recommended articles below or visit our YouTube channel (↗).

July 29, 2019
July 13, 2021


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