Centor Integrated Doors Review: Folding and Sliding Doors

Centor Integrated Doors Review

The phrase “Less is More” isn’t one you’d think to associate with luxury living but when we talk about vanishing glass walls, less is definitely more. Indoor-outdoor living designs are the perfect complement to open concept designs and they’re taking outdoor living in new directions. 

Glass walls were once reserved for commercial spaces and the most luxurious of high-end homes or condos, while glass walls are still expensive and definitely luxurious they’re also more accessible because there are so many more vendors. In this article, we’ll feature our favorite, the Centor Integrated Door. 

Who is Centor?

Centor was founded in Brisbane, Australia in 1951 by German engineer Frank Spork. What began as a business manufacturing hardware and track for sliding doors evolved into a leading window and door systems business. They are a leading supplier of folding door components in Australia, the UK, Europe, and North America.

Centor Integrated doors are custom-made at Centor’s manufacturing facility in Aurora, Illinois.

Fully open Centor Integrated Folding Doors.

Why Centor?

Let’s start with this, Centor is the top-of-the-line in luxury. Centor’s integrated doors are designed with people and nature in mind. The Centor door brings together everything you need and want when you install a large patio door.

What is that exactly? Well, what you get are major views and large passage between the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. Your home’s square footage will be maximized and you get the pride of showing that off and enjoying the space with family, friends, and neighbors. Now, while all of that is great you’re also stuck with a big opening into your home.

Sure it’s still a wall, it can be open or closed and you probably have a wonderful view but if you can see out others can see in. Most people address this issue by investing in additional window coverings that can distract from the door. And what about when you want the door open but realize that there are lots of flies or mosquitos out? Can you imagine how difficult it can be to find a screen to cover the opening if your door spans the width of a wall?

Center Integrated Folding door with retractable insect screen.

The thing about Centor is that they address all of these issues and more in their design. There is no compromise with Centor. You can remove all the distractions because Centor Integrated Doors have built-in vanishing screens and shades and discrete hardware. Whether you have your door open or closed you can pull the shade or screen out of a wall pocket at your convenience.

Finding the right hardware for doors and windows can sometimes be a struggle because the wrong choice can ruin the look of a feature but the hardware on Centor’s doors goes mostly unnoticed because of its placement between panels. That’s perfect, right? Now the focus is completely on the door when it is closed.

Centor Integrated Door with retractable shade.

Worried about efficiency? No need. Centor doors are available in aluminum or aluminum-clad wood (that’s wood on the interior and aluminum on the out). The aluminum material is durable and weather resistant, if you choose aluminum for the interior the result is a sleek contemporary look. Aluminum-clad wood door gives you the same aluminum protection on the exterior door with the added warmth of wood on the interior. The floor-to-ceiling panels increase the natural light in a room, which also results in energy savings.

Despite the price-tag, Centor doors check all the boxes for luxury and function. If you are interested in seeing product details for Centor Integrated Doors visit our Centor Integrated Folding Doors or Centor Integrated Sliding Door pages.

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