Centor vs Weiland - Folding Doors Review

Centor vs Weiland - Folding Doors Review

When you’re looking for folding doors for your home, it’s often hard to know which vendor to select; a direct side-by-side comparison makes the research process easier. We've got you covered on that end, in this article, we compare Centor and Weiland offerings directly, pointing you to the product that is best for your home.

Types of Folding Doors

Each brand offers a unique selection of folding door types. Below, you'll find the product selection from each brand. For more product details, click the link.

Centor Weiland
Wood Clad (↗) Lift Slide (↗)
Aluminum (↗)  Beefy BiFold Door (↗)
   Pivot Door (↗)


Weiland Lift Slide Door (↗) 

Folding Door Screen/Shade Options

One of the things that differentiate Centor from Weiland (or any of the other folding door manufacturers) is that Centor offers an Integrated Insect Screen/Privacy Shade (↗). The screens & shades are built into the actual door unit so there is no need to install an aftermarket screen on the door unit.

Centor Weiland
Integrated Insect Screen (↗)  No integrated screen
Integrated Sun/Privacy Screen (↗) No integrated shade

Centor Integrated Doors_01-1.jpg

Centor Integrated Door (↗)

Folding Door Available Colors and Finishes

Each brand and window type vary in which colors are available, both interior and exterior. 

Centor: Exterior Weiland: Exterior
Centor offers a wide variety of standard color choices on their folding doors. If you would like to custom-color match the doors Centor offers this capability at no-charge however the color-matching process will extend the door lead time.  Weiland offers high-quality Kynar 500® as its standard exterior finish. Weiland will match any clad colors of other window manufacturers. For custom color matching customers can send a color sample however it will extend production lead time.

Centor Integrated Doors_32.jpg

Centor Integrated Door

Folding Door Warranties

Both Centor and Weiland want to prioritize one thing above all others: your satisfaction! That's why both vendors offer amazing warranties. However, it's important to know what is and is not covered by both vendor warranties.

Centor Warranty Coverage Weiland Warranty Coverage
  • Door panels are warranted for 10 years against warp
  • Insulated glass is warranted for 10 years against seal failure
  • Hardware and Frame warranted for 10 years against failure
  • 5-year paint finish warranty
  • 5-year screen/shade warranty
  • Door panels are warranted for 10 years against warp
  • Insulated glass is warranted for 20 years against seal failure
  • Hardware and Frame warranted for 10-15 years against failure (depends upon product offering)

Folding Door Lead Times

When ordering folding doors, it's important to understand how quickly your product can be made available to you. In industry lingo, this is called lead time. Depending on the manufacturing process and distributor locations, this can vary. 

Centor Weiland
7-10 week average lead time 8-12 week average lead time


Weiland Beefy Bifold (↗)

Folding Door Prices

Both Centor & Weiland have similar price points. While the Weiland doors do not come with the integrated screen their ability to manufacture oversized doors also carries a higher price-point. The Weiland Lift-Slide door, for example, can build door panels up to 16-feet tall and over 10-feet wide. This allows for massive, unobstructed views.

Centor Weiland
$$$$$ $$$$$
Average cost of $2,000 per-linear-foot for Centor Integrated Doors (includes installation) Average cost of  $2,000 per-linear-foot for Weiland Doors (includes installation)


After seeing some of the product information side-by-side, we hope it's easier to make your decision. If you have any further questions or inquiries about product offerings, we'd love to help - give us a call!

To see more product details visit our Centor or Weiland pages.


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