Double-Hung vs Awning Windows

Double-Hung vs Awning Windows

When considering the right window style for your home, many people are unsure about the option that would suit their building. Also, considering the high influx of new designs, you may even need to involve an expert to help you choose the best replacement window type that fits your needs. When considering a window replacement, awning and double-hung windows are among the several options you will probably come across.

To make it easier for you to decide between double-hung and awning windows, we've made a comparison between the two window styles and when you can choose one over the other. Read on to learn more.

Double-Hung vs. Awning Windows

What are double-hung windows?

A double-hung window features two sliding sashes that move up and down. The top one opens by sliding downwards, while the bottom one slides upwards aided by tracks built into the frame and are held into position by the support of counterweights. 

What are awning windows?

Awning windows are usually hinged near or at the top of the frame, and the bottom swings outwards. These windows can be square or in a horizontal shape and are smaller than other windows. You can also close and operate some awning windows manually, while in others, you can use a hand crank. You can even lock them and leave them open if you want to let in ventilation and still maintain a secure home.

How Do They Compare?

Awning windows are good at letting hot air flow out of your house and bringing in a cool breeze. Since these windows open at the bottom, they protect elements from entering your home, especially in wet weather, because they naturally shed water. Better yet, these awning windows are energy efficient↗ because as the wind blows on them, it creates a tighter seal.   

For double-hung windows, you can choose to open one of the sashes or open both for more ventilation, especially during the hot summer months. These windows are mostly associated with classic and traditional aesthetics. Also, most modern double-hung windows can tilt inwards, making them easier to clean because you don't have to go outside to clean them.

When Should I Choose Double-Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows are an excellent choice when:

  • You have ventilation issues as they are better at circulating air when you open both sashes. By installing them in a bathroom and opening the upper crank only, you will retain privacy and reduce moisture.
  • You have a double-story building since you can easily maintain and clean double-hung windows from the house's interior.
  • You have a craftsman, cape cod, Victorian, and colonial house. Double-hung windows will perfectly complement the look of these home styles.

When Should I Choose Awning Windows?

You can opt for awning windows in most of the areas that require an openable window. However, most of the areas that suit these window types include:

  • Bathrooms and kitchens because they can fit over benches and furniture, and you'll still have access to the window and open with a simple opening crank. You don't have to climb on top of your sink or use a ledge to open the window.
  • Bedrooms are also perfect for awning windows because they maintain excellent privacy levels, and you still get a great view of the exterior. 
  • Basements since awning windows can be on higher levels of the wall, unlike other openable windows.

Bottom line

With the above insights, you can better decide which window type to install between double-hung or awning windows in your home. Although they are different areas best suited for either style, you can still use a combination of both. This helps to achieve better ventilation and lighting. Besides, the two designs can serve different rooms in your home.


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