Glass Replacement VS Replacement Windows: Which to do?

Glass Replacement VS Replacement Windows

replacement-windows3Aside from normal wear and tear, there are times when you find yourself in a tough predicament: your window glass is broken or a bit foggier than it used to be. What do you do? Do you replace the glass alone? Or should you try and replace the whole window? What exactly are the best options out there that I can choose from? Brennan Windows is here to provide you with some food for thought for those homeowners who have broken or foggy glass, but aren't sure if replacing the whole window is a better option than just replacing the glass.

Not too surprisingly, the answer to glass-replacement vs window replacement actually boils down to one simple question: long-term solution or short-term solution? Regardless of which of the two choices you choose, your window will no longer have that gaping hole or foggy glass; the difference comes from the end product though, which leaves you with a complete window but in varying ways.

Replace Window Glass Only

Glass-only replacement is more than likely going to be the simpler of the two fixes. Typically the advantages are lower cost, the ability to keep the window in question the same aesthetically as the others in your home, and a fairly quick installation time (one would assume). If your windows are still in fairly good condition but a stray ball or rock or some hail damage made an impact to the glass, then glass-only replacement makes all the sense in the world.

Complete Window Replacement

When you compare the overall effect, replacing your windows completely is the better long-term solution. It may seem unrelated, but the energy efficiency in a quality window is affected not just by the frame but also by the glass it holds. Poor frame material is only one of the reasons for excessive heat or cold transfer as well as expansion and contraction, ultimately leading to leakage which causes ugly, foggy window panes. Glass is also an important factor in energy efficiency, and when you consider replacing your window or windows when the glass breaks or becomes foggy, you'll have those additional long-term benefits of energy efficiency. Additionally, because the frame can be the cause of a foggy window, just replacing the glass may not remove the problem, so your window glass may become foggy sooner than expected because the source of the problem, the poor frame, never got fixed when you did glass replacement only. It's true that initial costs for a completely window replacement job is generally higher than a glass only replacement, but it definitely offers a more long-term solution to your problems. Plus many windows can come with glass or frame warranties, depending on the brand and window of course.

For more information, feel free to contact Brennan Windows at 877-925-7920 or click the button below to fill out a form and we will contact you. Note that Brennan Windows does not repair glass, we are a window replacement or home exterior replacement company. However, we can refer you to a handyman who does glass repair. Additionally, we have minimum requirements to any window job that we do. But feel free to contact us for a free quote regardless if you decide to replace your windows with us or not!

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