12 Adobe Revival House Ideas

12 Examples of Adobe Revival Style Architecture

Adobe Revival homes are a unique style typically found in Southwestern states like California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Find some inspiration in the examples below.

Features of Adobe-Style Houses

  • Smooth lines and typically boxy shaped structures
  • Earth tone finishes are a nod to the original building material
  • Wood beams or wood accents throughout the interior and exterior design
  • Solid wood doors
  • Flat roof
  • Square or rectangular windows

New Mexico Adobe-Style Homes

1. Camino Campanario - Woods

©Wendy McEahern

For Adobe-style pro’s you’ve got to check out Woods Design Builders↗. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Woods was founded in 1977 and remains there today. Woods is one of the most recognized brands in their region and boasts several award-winning projects. 

You can see Woods’ current projects here↗.

2. Las Campanas Remodel - Woods

3. Las Campanas Contemporary - Woods

4. Monte Sereno Traditional - Woods

5. 220-acre New Mexico Ranch

This ranch was featured in Architectural Digest in 2015. At the time the property was listed for sale and I can’t say whether the buyers made any changes to the property. I also can’t imagine why someone would want to make any aesthetic changes to this absolutely stunning home. Check out the rest of the photos in AD’s gallery.

6. La Posada De Santa Fe - Dick Riley

7. Bishop’s Lodge - Tierra Concepts

8. Luxury Las Campanas - Tierra Concepts

California Adobe-Style Homes

9. Zuni House - Stacy-Judd

The Zuni House is a California landmark located in Santa Monica, California. This house draws on two adobe styles— Pueblo Revival and Mayan Revival, the architect, Robert Stacy-Judd called it Zuni architecture. 

10. Banyan Architects Mixed-Use Property

The Pueblo Revival house above has sharp lines typically found in contemporary designs. This property is actually a mixed-use property that includes commercial spaces and a two-bedroom residence. 

11. Santa Barbara Villa - Corinne Mathern

Corinne Mathern’s Santa Barbara home is a 3,300 square-foot house in Mission Canyon with a villa feel. 

Arizona Adobe-Style Houses

12. Arizona Remodel - Turner Martin Design


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