GAF Designer Roofing Shingles - A Comprehensive Review
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GAF Designer Roofing Shingles Review

GAF Designer Roofing shingles are one of three asphalt shingle series offered by GAF, based in Parsippany, NJ. They’ve been a leader in the roofing industry since the early 19th century and are proudly North America’s leading roofing manufacturer. Established in 1888, GAF’s high standards have produced 57 different brands and the honor of covering 1 in 4 residential roofs in the United States.

Brennan Enterprises is proud to partner with GAF to offer North Texas some of the highest performing roof shingles available for homes. We’re taking a look at each line to help you get started on finding the best solution for your roof. Have more questions, or are ready to discuss starting your roof replacement project? Contact Brennan at 817-860-9767 to schedule a free consultation.

Why GAF Designer Shingles?



Camelot II


Grand Sequoia




Why GAF Designer Shingles?

To explain designer shingles, we’ll have to clarify what dimensional shingles are.

Dimensional shingles are asphalt shingles with two layers of material bonded together. Often, and in the case of GAF, it's fiberglass. This double layer creates a dimensional appearance, making the shingle look more robust and creating a more interesting looking roof. Designer shingles build on their dimensional foundation by simulating the look of wood shake, natural slate or even tile. They are also often offered in unique cuts that further underscore their ornate air.

Advanced Protection 

The GAF Designer Roofing Shingle series is comprised of 7 different dimensional shingle lines that feature multiple cuts and colors. Their shingles are also backed with Advanced Protection®, which means you’re getting the very best combination of weight, performance, and weatherizing that modern manufacturing technology can deliver. StainGuard® Protection helps ensure the beauty of your roof against unsightly blue-green algae.

Diagram of GAF lifetime roof showing shingles and other roofing materials.

Fire and Wind Resistance

This series offers the highest fire and wind protection offered for residential shingles. Each product in this series has earned a Class A UL 790 fire rating:

The UL 790 (Class A), fire rating states:

Class A roof coverings are effective against severe fire test exposures. Under such exposures, roof coverings of this class afford a high degree of fire protection to the roof deck, do not slip from position, and are not expected to produce flying brands.

These shingles also offer superior wind resistance, earning both ASTM D7158 Class H and ASTM D3161 Class F ratings.

The ASTM D7158 is the standard test method for wind resistance of asphalt shingles against uplift forces and designated by class G (up to 90 mph), D (up to 120 mph), or H (up to 150 mph).

The ASTM D3161 tests interlocking shingles’ ability to resist wind. Shingles are classified as Class A when resisting wind velocity of 60 mph, Class D when resisting velocity of 90 mph and Class F when resisting wind velocity of 110 mph. 

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Shingles begin to age as soon as they are exposed to nature. Buildings experience aging factors differently, so it is difficult to predict how long shingles will last. GAF’s confidence in their roofing products isn’t just hot air. Their Designer Roofing Shingles are covered under the GAF Smart Choice® Shingle International Limited Warranty which extends to a period of 10 years.


Camelot - GAF Designer Roofing Shingles

Camelot roofing shingles on a mixed facade home.

Let’s begin with the Camelot series. These designer asphalt shingles are layered and cut to create a beautiful natural slate aesthetic. Unlike traditional slate, these shingles are lightweight while adding a traditional and stately appearance to your home. You have 8 color options to choose from ranging from bright shades like Williamsburg Slate to deep hues light Majestic Navy.

Camelot color swatches.

Camelot II swatch in aged oak.


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Camelot II - GAF Designer Roofing Shingles

Neo-french home with mixed material facade and wood accents with Camelot II roofing shingles.

Looking for even more curb appeal? Your roof can provide your home the facelift necessary to not just turn heads, but raise the value of your home. The Camelot II is also designed with the appearance of natural slate but this elegant and luxurious line but also features a custom color palette, designed exclusively for GAF by color industry expert Patricia Verlodt. The subtle blend of contrasting colors enhance your home’s exterior and give it unexpected depth and beauty.

Camelot II color swatches.

Camelot II swatch in Antique Slate

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Glenwood - GAF Designer Roofing Shingles

White vinyl-clad home with wood-shake inspired asphalt shingles.

Cut to mimic the natural shape of wood shakes, the Glenwood has the genuine beauty of hand-split lumber. These roof shingles offer industry-leading, ultra-thick triple-layer construction and provide maximum dimensionality. This results in a truly realistic wood-shake look, but for the fraction of the costs. The customer color palette offers 6 different shades to complement the aesthetic of your home.

Glenwood shingle color swatches.

GAF Glenwood in Adobe Clay

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Grand Sequoia - GAF Designer Roofing Shingles

Large Neo-Victorian with light brown designer shingles.

These artisan-crafted shapes, cut in oversized tabs, are one of the most unique offerings from GAF. Grand Sequoia® Lifetime Designer Shingles make your home an integral part of the beauty surrounding it. Featuring a custom color palette and an unrivaled artisan-crafted design, Grand Sequoia® Shingles make a dramatic, sophisticated statement on a wide range of home styles

GAF Designer shingles in neutral colors.

Designer roofing shingles in Autumn Brown.

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Sienna - GAF Designer Roofing Shingles

Light colored stuccoed home with wood trim and dark sienna shingles.

The Sienna line combines the lushness of dimensional shingles and Old World elegance. These diamond shaped asphalt shingles are available in four neutral colors. As part of GAF’s Value Collection, Sienna® Shingles offer the beauty of a luxury designer shingle at an incredibly affordable price.

Swatches of Sienna shingles in multiple colors.

Swatch of Sienna shingles in aged oak.

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Slateline - GAF Designer Roofing Shingles

Slateline fiberglass asphalt shingles atop a red brick home.

Slateline shingles are designed to combine both the aesthetic of 3 tab shingles and slate tiles. The results are bold shadow lines and tapered cut-outs at a much more economical rate than traditional slate. Lighter shades like English Gray and Weathered Slate result in a more dimensional, textured-looking roof. Dark colors like Antique Slate and Royal Slate are good for homes looking for a subdued, modern look.

Four GAF Slateline asphalt shingles in different colors.

Slateline shingle sample in antique slate.

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Woodland - GAF Designer Roofing Shingles

Large neo-french mansion with dark Woodland Designer Roofing Shingles.

The Woodland line is another great option for those interested in ornate cut shingles. Stylish and surprisingly affordable, Woodland® Shingles are where modern technology meets old-world tradition. The custom color palette, designed exclusively for GAF by color industry expert Patricia Verlodt, features subtle blends with contrasting colors that are designed to enhance your home’s exterior and give it unexpected depth and beauty.

Woodland shingle color swatches.

Woodland asphalt shingles in Castlewood Gray.

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Want to learn more about GAF Roofing Shingles? Check out the whole collection here and contact Brennan at 817-860-9767 once you’re ready to discuss your roof replacement project.  

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